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Social transformation

  • Activities will include a visit ( with pre – sensitisation and a write up- 6 Hours) and four hours of individual social work ( to help encourage further personal involvement)
  • Possible visits: Orphanage, Old Age Home, Home for the Disabled, REAP . The half day visits would be conducted on Thursdays, 25 students per batch and would be accompanied by a teacher and a parent. Students would make presentations during their visit.
  • Individual social work alternatives: Teaching a weak student, Visits to elderly persons, Running errands for elderly persons, cleanliness campaigns. A journal and representative pictures would serve as the record.
  • Assessments:
  • Budget for social visit: 24 visits for 600 students ( 25 students per batch)
  • Bus charges, Miscellaneous
  • Money Collections for social purposes could be avoided in this program or form a very small part of it.