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News about St.Stanislaus High School

Primary Children's Hour

The festive season of Christmas was ushered in by the vivacious children of Std- I who felicitated our very own Parents, who act as our Road Safety Patrol Leaders.

The Christmas Play was enacted thro’ song and dance and for a purely boy school we had some pretty girls who could show you how to shake a leg. Every child wanted to show off his individuality and the teachers had a tough time getting them to...Learn More

Christmas Celebration Invitation

Our Stanislites will be singing a New Carol this Christmas.


We will stage this program outdoors. All parents and well wishers are invited to witness and carry forward our need to remain united.  We are sure you will come and join us in our celebrations.

Time:  7:30 am to 8:30 am
Date:  Saturday, 20th December 2008
Venue: Stanislaus School grounds...Learn More


The K.G. Sports Day was held on the 13th December 2008 on the grounds of St. Peter’s K.G. at 8.00 a.m.

Our chief guest was our Principal Fr. Jude Fernandes S.J...Learn More

Tree sapling Mr. Madhu Sawant -8th Dec.'08

Card competition -Xavier Hse -8th Dec.'08

145th Athletic Meet

St. Stanislaus Primary Sports

Children's Day at the Circus

Primary school children celebrated Children's Day at the Circus on Friday, 14th November 2008.

...Learn More

Primary School celebrates Marathi festival

Marathi Festival was celebrated by the Primary School  for a week from 17th September '08 to 27th September '08.

...Learn More

Children's Day & St. Stanislaus Feast Day

The school celebrated Children's Day & St. Stanislaus Kostka feast day on a grand note. It began with a Eucharistic celebration. The main celebrant was Fr. Savio De Sales an ex-student of our school.

There was a grand mela on the school backgrounds with stalls serving mouth-watering snacks like bhel puri, samosas, popcorn, cold drinks etc. A few ex-students and students of Std.X enthralled the children with foot-tapping music. There were games galore  and the boys enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Thanks to the Organizing committee for this grand celebration.

...Learn More


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