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149th Annual Sports Day Delight

Wednesday, 19th December was the 149th annual Sports Day at St. Stanislaus School. The stage all set, trophies all gleaming in the sun and the participants of the various races warming up to take on the challenge of winning and bringing their house colours to the forefront. This event was scheduled at 1:30 p.m. on our School grounds.

The Chief Guest for this event was Mr. Trevor Fernandes and Mrs. Melitta Fernandes parents of our School Sports Captain Master Melchior Fernandes and Guest of Honour Mr. Bryce D’Silva and Mrs. Jasmine D’Silva parents of Assistant School Sports Captain Master Ryle D’Silva. We also had amidst us other Guests of Honour.

The MarchPast the grandest part of the Sports Day had the Stanislites in all their elements march showcasing talent, hard work and precision in marching. Britto House bagged the First prize.

The Tug-of-war between the Kostka House and Loyola House saw the Kostka house glorious.

The Teacher’s race had Teacher’s Pritisha, Margaret and Laxmi walk away with the prizes.

The Ex-students present displayed their sporting spirit by participating in the running race.

The parents wanted to prove to their children that they too were sporting Stanislite parents.

This event concluded with the Xavier House bagging the Trophy for the Best House.