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62nd Republic Day Celebrations -2011

St. Stanislaus High School celebrated the 62nd Republic Day in a very unique way.

In keeping with the Armed Forces Republic Day traditions, the Chief Guest for the day was Group Captain Ajay Kaul of the Indian Air Force (VM) G. Group Commander of Mumbai B- NCC & Mrs. Kaul.

Wing Commander Atul Gavandi, Commanding Officer of 1 Maharashtra Air Squadron NCC Air Wing was also present as our School is proud to be part of this prestigious organization.

In keeping with the theme of ‘Year of Korea in India’ and ‘Year of India in Korea’, our Guest of Honour at this years Republic Day celebrations was Dr. & Mrs. Seo-Hang Lee Consul General of the Republic of Korea. Accompanying him was the Consul & Mrs. Kim along with delegates of the Korean embassy.

We also highlighted Maharashtra’s 50 years of Statehood in our celebration through the Koli Dance.It was an exciting morning with a myriad of events that showcased our Indian culture and included an aeromodelling display by the NCC Air Wing.

The programme concluded with the inauguration of the NCC Room in the School premises.