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Brain Wave Quiz Competition 2018-19

An inter house quiz competition was held in school on the 15th of February 2019. Four boys (2 from the 3rd and 2 from the 4th) from each house: Britto, Loyola, Xavier and Kostka represented their respective houses in the final round. All the boys were given a chance through a quiz held in the classroom during the elimination round. All the students prepared well for the final round but the Kostka house boys emerged victorious. The Loyola house followed close at hand. The questions asked were taken from every field and at the level of each child. Students enjoyed themselves and were eager to answer and kept in mind the quote ‘Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn.’

Trs in charge:      
Ms. Lorraine Fernandes | Mr. Arnold Lobo | Ms. Lalita Nirmal | Ms. Bindu Corriea | Ms. Raynah Lemos