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Britto House Feast Celebrations

With the coming of February every Stanislite gears up to celebrate the feast of St. John de Britto the patron saint of the Britto House.

This year we celebrated the feast on 1st February. The celebration of the feast began with a solemn Eucharistic Mass. Our main celebrant, Fr. Ivan D’souza shed light on true Christian faith and how we must achieve it.

A small cultural programme was held in the school hall. The prayer dance and the skit based on the persecution in today's world and how we must protest and put an end to it.

Prizes were given to the best chart for classes of each standard followed with a vote of thanks by our Supervisor.

Masters Aiyaan Chataiwala and Ethan Fernandes were the compere for the day.

With the solemn investiture ceremony we ended our Britto House Feast Celebration.