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Childrens Day 2014 - Celebrating Stanislites

Stanislites were in for a pleasant surprise on Friday, 14th November 2014 with a 2 in 1 celebration of Children’s Day and the feast of the School’s Patron saint –St. Stanislaus Kostka.

The day began with a prayer service and a Eucharistic celebration.

The School background was all set to welcome Stanislites with a heartening welcome message “Celebrate Stanislites”. Posters prepared by the teachers decorated the school corridors portraying wonderful messages for the children.

On the grounds, the student band performed enthralling the students with their beats. A satire portraying a perfectly dressed Stanislite was part of this event. The gala performance by the teachers dancing in their traditional dresses to the beat of the Hindi song “Kashmir Se Kanyakumari Tak” stole the show.

The Stanislites were treated to lip smacking chat snacks and kulfi. The PTA members were as usual very efficient while supervising the distributing of the snacks. The students rocked to the Hindi songs sung by Mr. Humayun Khan and his troupe and were reluctant to leave the venue as they wanted the party to continue all day.

Three cheers to the Teachers and all praises for the Principal.