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Consumer club

The Consumer forms largest economic in any country.  In a developing economy like India, the market is flooded with wide variety of goods. Adulteration, duplicating, price cheating, inferior quality products are common practices in the market.

Consumer  organizations  play a crucial role in educating and protecting the  interest of consumers. Mumbai  Grahak  Panchayat(MGP)  is very active in imparting education and fighting for the rights of consumers. The objective of MGP is to protect consumers in respect of quality, weight , choice and price by educating them.

Our school believes in preparing well balanced citizens in the world and as a result we too have joined the organization and take active part in all the activities organised by MGP.

Fifty students from Std. VIII  were enrolled for the Consumer Club. The MGP organised sessions for school students to bring awareness about their rights and duties as a consumer.  Mrs. Pramila Mardikar,  the coordinator for our school,  conducts sessions every month.  

The MGP organises many activities in a year and some of the activities that our students participated in were Elocution, Quiz and Drama competition.

It was a moment of joy and pride when our school won third place in the drama competition among 18 schools all over Mumbai.