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COORG – ‘A Heaven on Earth’

Abbey  Fall Garden


The Nature Club boys of the School went on an educational tour to Coorg in Mangalore from 10th November to 15th November 2010. 83 nature lovers were accompanied by 8 teachers to experience this captivating natural beauty. They visited places like Madekeri Fort, Rajas Seat where one can view the spectacular sun setting, Abbey Falls with its amazing waterfalls filled with splendid beauty, Omkareshwar Temple, Dubare Elephant Farm with plenty of elephants trained under naturalists, Golden Temple, Chithali Nature Center, Spices Research Centre, etc.

We returned soaked in the bounty of nature and senses pampered with sight, sound and smell forgetting the cares and worries of our mundane life


Abbey  Fall Garden
Abbey Falll1
Bamboo Forest
Boating at Dubare Farm
Chithali Nature Center
Dubare Elephant Farm
Golden Temple 01
Hanging Bridge
Kaveri Zoo
Madekeri Fort
Monks at Golden temple
Omkareshwar Temple
Rajas Seat
Spices Research Center
with Buddhist monks