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Crowning glory at the Mumbai suburban district athletic championship

St. Stanislaus High School emerged champions in the Boys category amongst schools and clubs at the Mumbai Suburban District Athletic Championship 2012 held from Thursday, September 6th to Saturday, 8th, 2012. In addition, St. Stanislaus was also awarded the Runners- up Trophy in total aggregate points in all categories i.e. boys and girls. The outstanding performers were :

Adam Alvares (Std.V) won first place in both 50 metres & 100 metres in Boys U/10. Gerard Quadras (Std.VII) won gold in 300 metres and Silver in 100 metres in Boys U/12. Sam Fernandes (Std.IX) won Gold in Triathlon (Boys U/14), Mayur Bhivara won gold in 3000metres (Boys U/16).

Joel Barnes (Std.V) won Silver in 100metres (Boys U/10), Shaun D’mello (Sr. KG) won Silver in 50 metres (Boys U/6), Mark Almeida ( Std.IX) won Bronze in Shot Put(boys u/14), Sherwin Desa (Std.IX) won Bronze in 100metres (Boys U/14), Dale Hendriques (Std.X) won Bronze in Shot Put (Boys U/16).

The Boys U/10) (4 X 100 metres Relay team comprising Kris, Noah, Aaron and Joel won a Gold medal.

Boys U/12 (4 X 100 metres) Relay team comprising of Gavin, Gerard, Keith and Kevin won Silver.

Boys U/14 (4 X 100 metres ) Relay team comprising of Ryan, Niranjan, Kirsten and Sam won Silver medals.

The Boys U/16 medley relay team comprising of Ryle, Dannon, Melchior and Nashon won a Silver.