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Fare-thee-Well Tr Yvette

The 21st of December 2018, witnessed a spectacular event in school as Tr Yvette Coutinho celebrated her 58th birthday. It was time to hang up her boots and enjoy a full time retired life thereafter.

Tr Yvette made her grand entry at 10:15 am with her family and then was escorted to the hall by the school band in full honour. The Principal, Mrs Anna Correa, Fr Malcolm and Sr Arokia accompanied her to the auditorium as the students gave Tr Yvette a standing ovation. The programme commenced with a prayer service by the PTA, followed by a cultural programme of skits, dances and songs put up by the teachers and students.

Tr Yvette expressed her thoughts and thanked the school, the students, staff and principals who she worked under for all the opportunities she had.

It was a farewell befitting for a teacher who was known for her dedication, hardwork and commitment.