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Farewell Teacher Thelma Rose Misquitta

Thelma arrives

The 30th of August 2011 was a red letter day for Stanislaus School, as Stanislites assembled in our School Hall for a very special reason and more so for an exceptional person. It was the grand farewell to our teacher, Tr. Thelma, who after a glorious 34 years and 2 months innings at Stanislaus was bidding Au Revoir!

This farewell was attended by ex-principals, teachers, PTA members, ex-students and students. The program was a fitting tribute to the joyful, ever smiling and full of life Thelma. This is what Stanislites had to say, “Tr. Thelma, that you are a class apart. Your daily presence at Stanislaus is soon going to be a thing of the past. So, before you hang your boots and embark on a new quest, we want to wish you the very best and let you know, that no matter where you go, on your return, you will always be welcomed back in school with a warm Hug and a Hello.”

Thelma arrives
Moving towards the hall
Taken in style
With her 3 principals
Prayer service by parents
Welcome dance
7th std boys
Choral recitation 8th std
Waka waka dance
6th std
Yeh school ke din
9th  7th std
The audience
Ex-student Fr. Gerad
Sidharth & Lindsay
Thelmas speech
Hands up dance
Hands up was staged 11 years back
Shaan arrives to wish his teacher
Shaan on stage
Shaan with the shandaar principal
Farewell committee
Shaan sings the school anthem
With the Principal
With the Vice Principal
Card from the students
School Band plays on for Tr. Thelma
Fashions of Thelma by the teachers
Pius -The Rajesh Khanna dance
Guest move in for lunch