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H Ward Science Exhibition

H – Ward Science Exhibition was held on 6th, 7th and 8th December 2017 at Sacred Heart Boys School Santacruz. Our school participated whole heartedly in various activities of the H – Ward.

Our school sent 2 exhibits – one in the senior category and the other in the junior category. Master Salil Prabhu and Master Ahmad Yasin in the senior category chose the theme “Solid and Liquid Waste Management” and made a working model of how the household waste can be utilized. They titled it as “Your Waste Not Wasted”. They were guided by Tr. Deepali Naik.

Master Devansh Thakkar and Master Kashif Weldon in the junior category chose the theme “Transport and Communication” and made a working model of how vehicles communicate with each other. They titled it as “V to V Communication”. They won the third place in the H – Ward. They were guided by Tr. Lakshmi V.

The other prizes won were:-

  1. Aamir Zakaria – Won 1st place in senior category for elocution.
  2. Sherwin Remos – Won 3rd place in junior category for elocution.
  3. Ibrahim Khalil – Won 1st place in junior category quiz competition.