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Inter House Elocution Competition

Proper training in speech and drama and a lot of conviction are essential during any elocution competition. An elocution competition at school level gives students an opportunity to combat one of the biggest fear factors i.e. stage fright. It also allows the competitors to connect with the audience and to understand the concepts of Articulation and Voice Modulation.

The Inter House School Elocution Competition for the year 2018 – 19 was held on 22nd September 2018, in our school hall. The hall was packed with our school boys who cheered as the contestants entered the hall and took their seats. There was pin drop silence. The judges were introduced and a short brief about the rules of the competition was announced. There were 12 contestants in all.

Every single contestant performed well and the topics ranged from comedy to tragedy from current topics to environmental issues to speeches. The audience cheered the contestants on. The level of elocution was not surprisingly very high which made the job of the judges all the more difficult.

During her speech, one of the judges had profound praise for the standard of competition and selection of pieces and admitted that there was little difference between the winners and the others.

Alas! It was time for the results hearts were beating faster Joshua Vaz, Joshua Sequeira and Jayden D’mello came 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively. Overall the ‘Loyola House’ took the 1st place in the competition in keeping with their motto ‘Ideals in action’.

Principal Mrs. Anna Correa gave the vote of thanks. Everyone left the hall, having had a good time.