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International Yoga Day at St. Stanislaus High School

“If you don’t find time for Today’s FITNESS, then you are saving that time for Tomorrow’s SICKNESS”.

In keeping with the International Yoga Day, St. Stanislaus High School conducted a Yoga session on the 22nd June 2015, for the Primary and Secondary students, in the School Hall.

Yoga Siromani, Mrs Rupa Chotrani, led the boys through a series of Asanas like Parvatasana (whole body stretch), Trataka (yoga for healthy eyes), Anulom Vilom Pranayam (improves concentration and creativity), Deep Breathing, Meditation, Nishpandhbhava (no movement pose that relaxes the body) & Shavasana (calms the mind and releases stress), which help in the disciplining of the body and mind.

She asked the boys about the food that they liked and warned them that junk food like pizzas and burgers were more harmful than healthy. The boys were then  informed that a balanced diet along with daily exercise keeps you healthy and strong.