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Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Fr Andrew

On 29th November 2017, the Stanislaus Parivar bid farewell to Fr. Andrew Rodrigues S.J. who for 8 years was an integral part of the Stanislaus Parivar

A small farewell programme was conducted by the teachers to show their gratitude and appreciation towards him. The programme started with a prayer service followed by performances by students and teachers.

A PowerPoint presentation captured the golden moments of Fr. Andrew’s life.

The teachers of all sections and PTA members presented dance performances for him. There was a small performance by our school band competition winners.

The PTA, Staff and students stole his heart through their cards and good wishes .Fr. Andrew gave a small speech on how he appreciated the efforts put in by the students, teachers, and PTA member. He also spoke about how great he felt to have people who love and respect him so much. He also said he will surely miss the whole Stanislaus parivar and will always be a part of it.

A farewell speech was delivered by Principal Anna Correa.