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Lightning Bolt: QUIZ – STD.III and IV : 2017 -2018

A Quiz competition for the students of Std.III and IV was held on 22nd January,2018. Two elimination rounds were held before the final round in order to give every child a fair chance. The students selected for the final round were asked to acquaint themselves in various fields. The finale had five rounds : General Knowledge, Audio – Visual, Spell check, Picto – word and Rapid fire.

Students enthusiastically took part representing their houses namely :  Britto, Loyola, Kostka and Xavier and did their best to give the correct answers. The quiz was enjoyed by both the contestants as well as the audience. Children were questioned on the topics at their age level which made it interesting and the students participated whole –heartedly. The winners were the participants from the Britto House and the runners – up were the Loyola House.

Teachers in – charge:  Master Arnold Lobo, Tr. Bindu Corriea, Tr. Raynah Lemos, Tr. Lalita Nirmal  and Tr. Cordelia Lewis