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Marathi Festival 2017

27th February is the birth anniversary of a great Marathi poet and author V.V.Shirvadkar. In his honour, every year, Marathi Divas is celebrated in Maharashtra. Our school also celebrates this festival every year.

This year, the celebrations of Marathi day started a week in advance by conducting various competitions in Marathi as well as the morning assemblies, prayers and announcements during the day were also in Marathi.

The day of celebration was organised on 28th February 2017. Mrs. Leena Gonsalves an ex primary teacher was the chief guest for this programme. Various dances depicting the life of farmers and Adivasis staying in Maharashtra were performed. A skit based on the day to day plights of the farmers was also performed.

The special attraction or highlights of the programme was the fashion show where in the children were dressed as the famous personalities of Maharashtra.