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Nature Club: Star Gazing

Stanislities once again were treated to a celestial view of the Mumbai night skies. The Nature Club students were privileged to get an insight into the world of astronomy when Mr. Milind Kale of Khagol Mandal presented a small audio visual in the school shed on a Wednesday evening on the 5th of February 2014 about our amazing heavens and the world of space advancements. This was followed by a star gazing session for all the students on the Donnelly Gym Grounds. With the help of a laser pointer Mr. Milind Kale was able to show students key constellations like Orions Belt and even the famous Pole Star. All students got a chance to see Jupiter and its 4 moons, this was possible due to 4 high powered Astronomical Telescopes set up for this event, even our dear moon and its craters were visible in 'HD' truly a beautiful sight.

Students had their fill of star gazing and clarifying doubts about various celestial issues with the experts. Happy they left school with parents too getting a chance to enjoy the night skies. It was truly a night of the stars.