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New Academic Year – New Facilities at St Stanislaus

Our school re-opened for the new academic year on 16 June 2014. On the first day of school the new upgraded facilities of the school were also inaugurated and dedicated to the school. Upgrade of these learning spaces would not have been possible without the generosity of many of our alumni who helped make this happen. We thank our alumni from across batches who donated and helped with upgrading of the various facilities in our school. 

Upgraded Classroom – A gift from Class of 1982
The upgraded classroom was inaugurated by Mr. Manish Gidwani and Mr. Mahesh Chawla (Class of 1982). This upgrade has been sponsored by alumni from Class of 1982 who donated appox. Rs 5 Lakhs toward this cause.

The classroom is built of desk units that are light-weight yet stable to allow easy rearrangement as classroom, discussion room and training center. Chairs of state of the art design allow for use by a wide age group and have a special feature of stacking over the desks to allow for easy maintenance. Green boards of textured resin surfaces, instead of the traditional blackboards will soon be complimented by interactive projectors. Highly absorbent ceiling surfaces make the room acoustically dead and make speech comfortably intelligible. Thermal insulation also keeps temperatures down with options of air-conditioning when required. View More Images

We hope that soon the 40 classrooms and 10 work spaces besides the Teachers and Masters rooms will be upgraded as other batches of alumni take up this initiative.

School Library
The school library has been completely revamped into a modern learning space with a modern reference section.  A new reference section in eBook format has also been added. While the old library has common stacking and reading spaces, the new arrangement has a dedicated area for stacking which is dust controlled with roof extractors, a central space for reading and referencing with abundant day lighting and a portion for the librarian and assistants from where they can easily monitor the activity and control issuing of books. The carrels are ready for connection to the main server, driven by software which will allow browsing, reading ebooks and future connectivity to other sites as well as wifi connectivity. Artificial lighting has been designed to augment the natural day lighting when required, using lamps of high efficiency and appropriate colour temperature for comfortable reading. The space has been intentionally planned as a non air conditioned space for now since intermittent cooling would result in loss of control over humidity and damage to the stacked material. View More Images

Computer Lab
The school secondary computer lab has been rearranged within the existing space taking into account the trends of collaboration and peer learning in computer education. Tables allow for discussion and personal work. With seating for sixty students, the space can alternatively accommodate forty adults. Lighting is colour correct for work on monitors. Air-conditioning provides two air changes per hour to keep oxygen levels adequate for the high density space while pressurizing the room to reduce ingress of dust. The nodes are thin clients which moves the computing and consequently heat loads away from the lab to the server room. There is adequate space for teachers to monitor the learners. View More Images

Work Experience Room and Science laboratories.
The block of four separate science and associated laboratories has been relocated to the third floor. This work is in progress and the spaces will have three types, varying depending upon the facilities of gas, water, electricity and lighting. These spaces, though non air-conditioned will have adequate exhaust air and safety showers and eyewash points. Since they are located on the uppermost floor, the movement of faculty and students will be rationalized and minimized while also providing for additional safety.

School Museum
The school museum has been redesigned to display all the specimens of around five hundred rocks and minerals and about four hundred ancient coins in secure glass-fronted display cases. The space itself serves as the showcase of the school with facilities for meetings for around fifty persons.

A Big Thank you to alumnus Conrad Gonsalves – Class of 1967 who volunteered his time, energy and expertise to make these upgrades across the school a reality.