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Parents Day Celebration 2015 (Primary)

The parent’s day celebration that was held on 25th July 2015, at St Stanislaus High School Bandra was a great success. The students and teachers of the Primary Section invited the parents to participate in a special programme.

This programme included Candle Decoration for the mothers and A Volley ball  game for the fathers.

The candles given were artistically decorated by the mothers. On the other hand the fathers had a stress free and an enjoyable volley ball game with fathers of   Std II and III emerging victorious.

The Headmistress of the primary section concluded the programme by saying “Parents are a gift to all our children”.

This parents day celebration was a great success and we hope to have many more to come.

Teachers in charge of this programme were

Tr Mary Almeida

Tr Lorraine Fernandes

Tr Raynah Lemos

Tr Lufthancia Miranda