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Pilgrimage to Mt. Mary's Church

In remembrance of the protection our boarders received from the plague many years ago, every year Stanislites go up to the Basilica of Mt. Mary to thank God. We also pray that all Stanislites be protected from illness and calamities. This pilgrimage is also a time when we pray especially for our Std. 10 students who are preparing themselves for the SSC Board Exams.

This year too, on Saturday, 8th December 2012, we left the school at 7:45 a.m. in procession, singing and reciting the rosary. On reaching the Basilica, we had a Mass. The main celebrant was Fr. Errol Fernandes S.J., the Manager of the School, the con-celebrants being Fr. Jude Fernandes, Fr. Juan and Fr. Andrew Rodrigues S.J. After mass the boys were treated with a snack. They  headed back to school to celebrate Children’s Day.