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Republic Day Celebration 2019 (Primary)

This year Republic Day was celebrated in the Primary Section on 25thJanuary 2019. The programme was organised  by the boys and teachers of Std IV.

After a short introduction about Republic Day, the programme began with a prayer service. The boys sang the hymn ‘This little light of mine’ as Tr. Jennifer Pereira, the headmistress of the primary section, along with four students dressed in their traditional outfits lit the Samai. This was followed by prayerful petitions made for our country. The prayer service ended with the singing of the hymn ‘Bind us Together Lord’.

The boys then danced to the patriotic song ‘ Three Colours’, the lyrics of which informed us about the significance of each of the colours on our national flag.

 The boys also performed a short skit which reminded us about some of the duties mentioned in the Constitution of India. The skit brought out the message that we must remember to do our duties towards our nation so that India progresses in the years to come.

After the skit some of the boys danced to a medley of patriotic songs with lots of enthusiasm.

Tr. Jennifer was then called upon to say a few words to the students of the primary section. She encouraged the boys to show their love for their motherland by doing their duties towards their country. She also thanked the boys and teachers for putting up the programme.

The programme  ended with all the boys singing  the National Anthem with pride and respect.

Master Arnold Lobo | Tr. Cordelia Lewis | Tr. Lorraine Fernandes | Tr. Priya Divecha