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Sahashaleya Upakram (H- West Ward) Lezim Competition

St Stanislaus High School played host for the H-West Ward Inter School Lezim competition. Lezim is a folk dance form, from MaharashtraIndia. This dance is named after a wooden idiophone to which thin metal discs are fitted which produce a jingling sound and the dancers use this while dancing. Dholki, a drum instrument is used as the main percussion music. It is a very vigorous exercise and a drill. The rhythmic dance formations are executed in unison and are truly a lovely sight.

On Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 St Stanislaus High School held the Inter School Lezim Competition. This competition was organised by the Sahashaleya Upakram (H- West Ward).

13 schools participated making it a huge success.

The judge for this was Mrs. Jayshri Rajesh Shivdas  

The winners of the Lezim Competition 2016-2017 were:-

1st place           New English School (Bandra –E)

2nd place          Mary Immaculate Girl’s High School (Kalina)

3rd place           Raja Rameo Podar Shala (Santacruz – W)