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'Together towards Harmony' - 156th Annual Prize Day

The 156th Annual Day function was celebrated on 31st August 2019. The theme for the programme was ‘Together towards Harmony’ and this was beautifully depicted in a cultural programme with songs and dances.

Mr. and Mrs. Chattaiwala (parents of our school captain) were the chief guests and Mr.and Mrs.Prabhu Bambadekar (parents of Mst....Learn More


It was a golden period of time when St Stanislaus High School celebrated the ‘Hindi Week’ with great enthusiasm and excitement from 9th September till 14th September. On 14th September 2019, the whole school was awaiting for the ‘HINDI DIWAS’ celebration. After all the boys moved up to the school hall, the programme began with a spiritual start by the lighting of the lamp and a prayer. We had invited our school treasurer, Ms. Shaheen Fernandes as our chief guest for the programme. Next was a skit presented by our boys enlighting us the importance of Hindi language and why is it is...Learn More

Celebration of 'Eid al Adha'

St Stanislaus High school celebrated Eid-al-Adha on 21st August 2019 with the school theme ‘Moving Together Towards Harmony’.

This programme began with a skit in the hall explaining the importance of the festival in the lives of Muslims. The message was to sacrifice the beast of hatred, pride, jealousy, greed, etc. within ourselves…. And move together as one human community.

It was followed by a celebration in each classroom, where the Muslim boys were the hosts and they served the boys of the other faith with delicious snacks and food prepared by their parents....Learn More

Celebration of Jain Festival - 'PARYUSHAN'

The Jain festival of  PARYUSHAN was celebrated in school on 27th August 2019. Mr.  Rajesh Sanghvi was the chief guest for the occasion. The programme began with lighting of the lamp followed by some prayer songs (Bhajans). There was a PowerPoint presentation on how Jainism evolved and on the life of Lord Mahavir and a skit to show the importance of Paryushan (Fasting for 8 days). The chief guest also spoke about many facts of Jainism which are less known to common people. The programme ended with distribution of ‘boondi - sev’ to all the Stanislites....Learn More

Junior Red Cross Training Session

First aid training was conducted on 9th September by Dr Namrata Fernandes for Junior Red Cross boys in the model class room at 9:30 am, she has given Practical training as follows :

CPR, Fracture, Choking, Burns, Bites, Asthma, Nose Bleed, Unconscious and Seizures.

 ...Learn More

A Joyous Bandra Feast Celebration

On Saturday 7th September, Stanislites celebrated the birthday of Mother Mary with great joy. The celebration began with a Prayer Service in honour of Our Lady and the birthday of our principal, Tr. Anna. A short skit was presented by the students of std 8 on the four important Qualities of Mother Mary that we as the youth must incorporate in our day-to-day life for a better living. As the choir sang praises to Mother Mary with the hymn ‘As I kneel before you’, a PowerPoint Presentation of the past years walking pilgrimage, was shown to revive the solemnity of the day. Lastly, the service...Learn More

Feast Of The Nativity Of Mother Mary ( primary )

In keeping with the year of Harmony, the students of the Primary Section celebrated Mother Mary’s Birthday on Saturday, 7th September 2019.

The teachers prepared a prayer service. The prayer service included videos from the life of Mother Mary that depicted the values she possessed such as obedience, humility, selflessness, service, empathy and Mary as our intercessor. Each video was followed by a prayer. There were Marian hymns played too. The prayer service ended with a video showing how people of different faiths come to visit Mother Mary at the Mount in Bandra....Learn More

Bakri Eid 2019

Bakri Eid is one of the most popular festivals celebrated by the Muslims all over the world, also known as ‘Eid ul Adha’. In order to make our students aware of this festival, it was celebrated in our school on the 21st of August 2019. The programme started with a short assembly followed by a power point presentation and a video on sharing and loving one another, depicting values attached to the celebration.

In keeping with the celebration all the students were asked to bring healthy snacks to share in their respective classes, thus promoting the values of sharing, peace...Learn More

Independence day (Primary)

The 73rd Independence Day of our country was celebrated by the Primary section on the 14th of August 2019 in the school hall. The boys of Std II were instrumental in presenting a lovely prayer service and invoked the Almighty’s blessings for different intentions for our country. The prayer dance too put everyone in a solemn mood.

The feeling of patriotism was further enkindled through a rendition of a medley of patriotic songs, a brief explanation accompanied the display of national symbols and a beautiful dance to lively patriotic songs.

 The...Learn More

‘Harmony makes small things grow, lack of it makes great things decay’ - Inter Religious Prayer Service

The Inter-religious prayer service programme held on 14th August, 2019 in the school hall at St. Stanislaus was planned keeping this aim in mind which coincides with the school theme for the year- Stanislites together towards harmony.

The prayer service which is held every year was based on the thought, ‘Foster Acceptance Inculcating Tolerance and Harmony.’ This thought gave a new dimension to the word “FAITH” and the entire programme which started with a procession including the school management, student council, parents and students indicated St. Stanislaus’ stance on multi-...Learn More


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