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St. Stanislaus High School Council

The word “Election” means a formal decision making process by which a population chooses an individual to hold public office. The process may also be used in private organizations and in school as well. The outcome in all cases is the appointment of Leaders who sit in office for the duration of the term, primarily looking after the interests of those who have elected them.  

Here at St. Stanislaus High School, we follow the democratic form of elections.

The School Council plays an important role in the day to day functioning of the school and is actively involved in maintaining discipline.

The candidates for the post of the School Captain and the Sports Captain are selected from Std. IX, and the House Captains from Std. VIII.

On the day of the Investiture Ceremony, the newly elected council took the oath to carry out their duties faithfully and with responsibility, and secured their sashes and badges from the Principal and Vice Principle respectively.


School Captain:                           Master Elvis Vaz

Asst.School Captain:                   Master Kris Corriea

Head Leader:                                 Master Kevin Andrade

Asst.Head Leader:                        Master Raj Karbhatkar

Deputy Head Leader:                   Master Aakash Ranade

Sports Captain:                             Master Amey Kadam

Asst. Sports Captain:                   Master Naman Jain

Britto House Captain:                  Master Darren Gomendes

Asst. Britto House Captain:         Master Jaden Gomes

Loyola House Captain:                Master Krish Pinto

Asst. Loyola Captain:                   Master Rosh Arical

Xavier House Captain:                Master Reuben D’souza

Asst. Xavier House Captain:      Master Gilchrist Cabral

Kostka House Captain:               Master Ahmad Yasin

Asst Kostka House Captain:       Master Kris Albuquerque