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St.Stanislaus Alumni kick-start Film and Media Club’s activities for 2018

Our Film and Media Club boys of St Stanislaus High School were presented with one such opportunity to expand their minds and horizons on Saturday, 28th July 2018. This was in the form of a workshop conducted by alumni of our school – Errol, Milind and Nikhil. The workshop focussed on various career options in the vast world of media- namely film, advertising and event management.

Errol, an actor, director and producer by profession shared his expertise and experience in the film industry and the editing aspect of film.

Milind, an advertising professional took the students on a journey through the winding streets of the advertising world. The boys learnt about the interesting and competitive strategies employed by the big players in this field through case studies on popular brands like Volvo and Burger King.

Nikhil gave the students an insight into the glamorous world of events. The students realised the effort and team work that goes into organising events that range from intimate gatherings to the global leve

The boys were an enthusiastic audience who greatly appreciated and benefitted from the practical knowledge and experience of these three wonderful facilitators. It was indeed a marvellous beginning to the club’s activities for 2018!