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Student Council Elections 2018-19

The elections of students’ council were held at St Stanislaus High School from January 1st to 14th.

The first round which was the elimination round consisted of students who had to give an introduction about themselves in front of a panel of teachers headed by the principal. Finally 4 students from the four houses, 3 students for sports captain and 4 students for school captain were chosen. The chosen boys had to then prepare charts and banners in accordance with their campaigning. The second round was the students round in which the chosen students had to give a speech in front of the students in order for them to vote. The results came on the same day. The results are as follows:

School Captain

Yasin Ahmed

Assistant School Captain

Krish Pinto

Britto House


Aiyaan Chataiwala

Assistant Captain

Ethan Fernandes

Loyola House


Kyle Justin

Assistant Captain

Ian Pereira

Xavier House


Myron Pesso

Assistant Captain

Zahan Badshah

Kostka House


Shubham Mashalkar

Assistant Captain

Avison Rodrigues

Sports Captain

Saurabh Mayekar

Assistant Sports Captain

Darren Gomendes


Raj Karbhatkar

Rylan Ferns

Yash Birhade

All the elected students were conferred designation badges and sashes in the investiture ceremony. We were also administered the oath of responsibilities.

Addressing the prefects, house captains, head boy, and head girl, the Principal explained to us the significance of our office. The prefects were appealed to be perfect role models for the school students in academics, discipline, and co-curricular activities. At the end the students and the boys were invited to a small get together in which cold drinks and sandwiches were served.

This day was truly a proud day for all the boys of the council

By Krish Pinto