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Tr. Liz’s Farewell

Tr.Liz with supervisor Anna

“ Trust what you know
   Have faith where you go
   If there’s n wind ---row …or go with the flow”

30th November 2011 was an eventful day as Stanislaus bid a memorable adieu to dear Tr. Liz. The farewell committee had organised a special cruise liner for the day. As ‘Liz Liner’ set sail on her final voyage at Stanislaus she did so in all her splendour.

The superb and creative performances were a smashing success and each group succeeded in bringing a smile, a roaring laugh & tears…..tears of happiness on Tr. Liz and everyone’s  face. The fast paced program ensured that each minute was action packed ! after all Tr. Liz’s 35 glorious years at Stanislaus was no mean feat.

Heartfelt thanx & kudos to the Stanislaus parivar (Mgmt, Staff-Teaching / Non-teaching, Students, PTA, Ex-members of the Stanislaus family) every person who was present there for being a part of the Super Duper ‘Pyar ki Kashti’ and roaring it to a fantastic finale.

Tr.Liz with supervisor Anna
35 yrs of dedicated service
Pyar ki kasti
boat song 1
choral recitation 1
compere sanjyot
dhoom dance
dhoom dance trs
Finale dance
Fr. Errol manager
Fr. Jude
Fr. Lawrie Ex-Principal
Fr. Leo Ex-Vice Principal
Liz liner
Lose control dance
Lose control dance boys
Pyar ki kasti
Pyar ki kasti
Rowing the kasti
Staff messages in a book
Teachers dance