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Visit to the Bandra Court

On 16th February, the citizenship club boys went for an educational trip to the Bandra Court. The boys had the opportunity to visit the criminal court there. All knowledge and guidance about the different functions of the court was given to them by Advocate Mr. Shane Cardoz.

The boys first went to the court room and learned the role of every member in the court. The Judge, the typist, the lawyer, police inspector and accused all had a specific place to sit on. Next they went to the court room where an actual case hearing was taking place. Mr. Cardoz also took the students to the Bar room, where the advocate sit with their clients and discuss their case. The Advocates were pleased to have us there for an educational visit since Stanislaus was the first school to ever do something like this. Mr. Cardoz then showed the boys his license, shared his personal experience and gave notable information on the questions asked by the boys. It was definitely an enriching and meaningful experience.