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At St. Stanislaus, we believe in providing the  child with a well-rounded learning experience.  Hence, we have adopted XSEED a learning curriculum.  Children learn by experience thereby, giving him a strong foundation for life.

In the XSEED method, children are encouraged to write in their own words instead of copying from a book or blackboard.  The reason behind this is to help the children become independent thinkers and writers.

The year began with Std. I  exploring the theme ME AND MY BODY.  Through classroom experiences, children began to be aware of their body and  learned to appreciate the fact that each one of us is special and unique.

Through the exciting theme of FOOD WE EAT, Std II  learned about healthy food, discovered the sources of food, explored the goodness of a healthy meal and planned their daily diet.

Std. III began investigating  and taking care of different INSECTS.  Some of the insects they  observed   transformed completely like changing from egg to caterpillar to crystallize to a butterfly. Children will be made to understand the interdependence of living organisms.

Practical  teaching is beneficial for both the teacher and the students since it makes learning easier and interesting

Mrs. Mayrose D’souza
Headmistress – Primary Section