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News about St.Stanislaus High School

Pilgrimage to Mt. Mary Basilica

Year after year, we have been coming on this pilgrimage to Mt. Mary’s Basilica. It is a tradition which has its origins as an epidemic had ravaged our School many years ago. The then Principal sought Divine intervention and made a vow that if our School was spared, its students would go on an annual pilgrimage to the Mount, a promise that we honour till this day.

We are here today to praise and thank our Almighty God without whom, the first line of our...Learn More

Annual Pilgrimage to Mount Mary’s Basilica

Staff and Stanislites celebrated the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, the feast of the Jesuit Saint, St. Francis Xavier and also invoked blessings on the students of Std. X, who will soon be appearing for their Board Exams. As they stand on the threshold, ready to face life’s challenges, we wish them every success and a beautiful life ahead.

Many years ago, ‘Plague’ had gripped the lives of many in Bandra. Realizing the consequences of this hazardous disease, people including students who were boarders of our School started praying day and night. Processions were held to...Learn More


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