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School Life


  1. You, the parents, are the real educators of your children. The school is just a helper, playing a secondary role in this matter. Please, therefore, involve yourself with your children’s work, be interested in their homework and study, and give us a hand to run the School better.
  2. School-boys should normally study about 3 hours daily at home and this not sporadically, but from the first day of class. However, no boy can be expected to study profitably unless he has at least an hour of games daily after school.
  3. Please check and sign daily the lesson book of your child, and read the remarks of the Teacher written in the Calender.
  4. Most important of all, encourage your children to confide in you, gain their confidence, make them feel free to talk things over with you.
  5. Youth today have problem and difficulties different from those you yourself underwent 20 years ago. The Fathers and counsellors working in the School, place their experience and know-how at your disposal. You are invited to meet them by appointment.
  6. Please notify the school of any change in your address or telephone number.
  7. When communicating with the Principal please mention in your letter the Standard and Division of your child.
  8. Your active co-operation, is earnestly solicited in enforcing regularity and discipline and in taking a helpful interest in the activities of the School.
  9. It is understood that Fr. Principal, after interaction with the parents may take necessary measures with regards to disciplining a student.
    N.B. : Suggestions from parents are welcome and will beduly considered.                  


  • Boys must wear the prescribed uniform to school. White short-sleeved shirts, battleship grey long pants, black shoes with laces and black socks.
  • The school tie is to be worn on special occasions. Boys from Stds. V to VII are expected to were shore pants. Stds. VIII-X are strongly recommended full pants. A haversack may be used, for carrying books. Unkempt hair/fancy hair cuts will not be allowed.
  • Those who do not come in Uniform are expected to bring a note of valid excuse from their parents on the day itself, written in this Hand Book.
  • Students from Stds. I to VII are discouraged from wearing wrist-watches.
  • R.S.P., N.C.C. & Scouts uniform must be worn according to the time table. This is compulsory.
  • Students are permitted to wear only black woollen sweaters during the Winter Season. No Jackets, Sweat Shirts etc. is allowed.