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  1. St. Stanislaus is registered as an English-Medium High School which prepares its students for the S.S.C. Examination.
  2. The Second and Third languages taught in the School are compulsory Marathi and Hindi from Stds. V - X.
  3. The higher classes are given the facility of using good laboratories. Pupils of Stds. V - X may appear for the Prathmik, Prarambhik of Pravesh (Language) Examination and if a student is sufficiently advanced for the Parichaya.
  4. Art and Craft are taught, and students are sent up for the examinations. Dramatics together with Singing and Elocution Competitions are given considerable importance.
  5. The school-year begins in June, is interrupted by the Winter Vacation and ends in Late April. June-October, and November-April are the terms.
  6. Reports are sent periodically to parents, after each U.T./Exam.


  1. Stds. V-IX follow the pattern of Unit Tests and Examinations as prescribed by the S.S.C. Board. No re-tests or re-exams is held for a pupil who fails to appear for a Test/Exam. Such absence without a grave reason and without the prior approval of the Head, implies failure.
  2. Absence disqualifies a student from being reckoned in order of merit or rank in the examination, and no marks will be given for the subject.
  3. Application for verification of marks may, in special cases, be considered at the discretion of the Principal. Answer papers will not be shown.
  4. Any pupil who is guilty of malpractices in connection with the examination is liable to forfeit all subsequent papers in that examination. This is left totally to the discretion of the Principal. Oral Tests and other forms of evaluation will be given during each term for the purpose of Internal

Rules for passing the Examinations for Stds. V to IX

  1. To pass in a Subject, a student should obtain 35 marks in each subject of 100 marks and 52 in each of 150 marks, in six compulsory subjects; marks of both the term examinations and those of annual works should be included. However, if a student does not obtain 35% marks in each individual subject he may avail of an automatic condonation upto 20 marks (V-VIII) or 15 marks
    in one or more subjects but not exceeding 10% marks in any one subject.
  2. Marking in alphabetical grades will be done for subjects. Henceforward, no ranks will be conferred. Only grades in which the School has to issue certificates for the S.S.C. Exam. and the optional subjects.
  3. Class                                        Grades
    75% & above          A: 60% % above
    First 60% to 74.99%                B: 45% to 59.99%
    Second 45% to 59.99%           C: 35% to 44.99%
    Pass 35% to 44.99%                D: Below 35%


  1. Students of Stds. I and II will be graded on their daily class performances and tests.
  2. 4 Unit Tests and 2 Terminal Exams are held for Stds. III & IV. A cumulative grading plan is followed which consists of a combination of marks of Exams & Tests. Promotion will be granted based on this performance of all these Tests & Exams i.e. in the whole performance.