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Chap. II Section VIII of the Grant-in-Aids Code has the following rules of discipline :

  1. Regularity and implicit obedience should be insisted upon.
  2. Politeness and courtesy of speech and conduct as well as cleanliness of dress and person should be inculcated.
  3. Pupils should realise that they are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behaviour outside. Any reported or objectionable conduct out of the School on the part of pupils will make them liable for disciplinary action.
  4. Parents are given to understand that they cannot dictate to the management and that the management has a right to decide on what conditions they will admit or retain students in their School, provided such conditions are in conformity with the Grant-in-Aid Code and the instruction issued by the Department of Education.
  5. Students should not take part in any political activity.
  6. Any student who is persistently insubordinate or is repeatedly or wilfully mischievous or is guilty of malpractices in connection with Examinations or has committed any act or serious indiscipline, misbehaviour or who, in the opinion of the Head of the School, has an unwholesome influence on his fellow students may be expelled permanently or removed for a specified period by the Head of the School from the rolls and the reasons thereof recorded in writing. The matter will be reported immediately to the Education Officer concerned and in no case later than 7 days after expulsion, with the name of the student expelled together with the full details of the reason for the action taken.

Please Note

  1. The three bell formula :
    The three bell formula must be followed when school begins and after every break.
    • 1st bell - SILENCE and all students freeze where they are. (Duration - 30 seconds)
    • 2nd bell - SILENCE and Students and teachers move towards their classes (Duration - 7 mins.)
    • 3rd bell - SILENCE and all students and teachers are in their places,
      SILENCE is maintained. The National Anthem is sung, followed by prayers.| Teachers and leaders to take their position before the first bell.
  2. No student may absent himself from school except for a serious reason. On returning to School he must present a note of absence written in ink addressed to the Principal in the School Almanac. The Principal should be informed early in the case of an illness which may last more than a week.
  3. Application for leave of absence must be made beforehand in writing, by the parent on the page provided. Formal request in writing is expected.
  4. Sectional holidays are granted to students if their parents send a written application to the Principal. More than one such holiday in the same month is not advised.
  5. Leave for weddings, feasts, foreign tours must be applied for in advance.
  6. The School cannot be held responsible for books, money etc. that may get lost, since the students must look after their belongings. This also applies to students who bring cycles to School. It is not advisable for students to have money or valuable articles in their keep.
  7. A student who is found to have damaged anything within the School premises must make good the damage done.
  8. The Principal’s permission is necessary to join an outside sports’ team or club.
  9. Catholics are also responsible for the performance of their religious duties; they are exhorted to the practice of monthly Confession and Communion and to assist at Mass frequently.
  10. No obscene books, periodicals, DVD’s, cell phones and other electronic gadgets may be brought to School unless approved by the Principal, or requested by a teacher for specific purposes. Parents could send a written note in case this is required.
  11. Students are encouraged to be simple in the celebration of their Birthdays, etc. Expensive gifts or sweets on such occasions do not help in maintaining a sense of equality and justice among students. Hence this should be discouraged by parents.
  12. The School authorities strongly disapprove of parents offering gifts to the Principal, Masters and Teachers.
  13. No collection or fines of any kind for any purpose whatsoever may be made without the Principal’s previous sanction.
  14. On their way to or from School, boys must remember that the School is judged by their conduct. They should greet Fathers and Teachers of the School when they meet them outside.
  15. Every student is urged to contribute to the high tone of the School by his manners and deportment. His language must be above reproach.
  16. Personal cleanliness and hygiene is expected from all.
  17. No student is allowed to remain in the classroom during P.T. periods or the recess.
  18. Movement of students in and out of class : Follow the left hand rule and maintain silence with hands behind the back. This left hand rule (LHR) must be followed for all movement in the School corridors.
  19. Permanent Record of all Feedback / Merits : This is a new system of keeping track of all Feedback and Merits recorded in the School Almanac. Each student has an individual Personal Card Record (PCR). This card is maintained and kept by the Class Teacher all through the year. This card will reflect the student’s status in the class. Almanac data will be transferred to the card on a regular basis by the Class Teacher. Parents can view this card on open days and acknowledge with their signature.

    Data from this card will be used for updating the Student record on the computer using the General Register Number (GR Number) as a unique code for the Student database. This data will be used for the Leaving Certificate at the end of the Student’s career. All Merits, accolades received and progress made will also be recorded on this card and will be fed into the Computer database.
  20. 2 Red Cards in one academic year justifies dismissal of the student.
    5 Red Cards in his whole academic career also justifies dismissal.
  21. Any breach of the School rules will be punished at the discretion of the Principal. If a student is punished after school hours, the parents of the younger students (V - VII) will be informed beforehand.
  22. Parents or Guardians (or other Persons) are not allowed to see the students or their teacher during school hours without the Principal’s written permission.
  23. No pupil must take tuitions from any of the School Staff without the Principal’s written permission. Masters and Teachers are not allowed to give tuition to students who are taught by them.
  24. Aerated drinks are not acceptable on School premises. Healthy, homemade snacks and food is encouraged.
  25. Use of recycle material bags and proper water bottle is a must.
  26. The school does not own a School bus service nor recommends any other bus service for the student's daily travel. Parents must take full responsibility for their son's safe travel.
  27. Every student is expected to be neat and tidy in his outlook that contributes to his personality and confidence building. e.g White shirt tucked in, neat and well groomed hair, a clean white hand kerchief, polished shoes.