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  1. TWO STUDENT’S LIBRARIES for the students of Primary and Secondary Sections.
  2. TWO READING ROOMS to give facilities to the students of Standards V-X, to acquire general knowledge, interest and a good selection of book and magazines for boys.
  3. A MUSEUM, FR.CASALE MUSEUM in which are exhibited specimens connected with Geography and History. Also on display are unique coin and stamp collection.
  4. A GYMNASIUM with modern state of the art equipment.
  5. A HOCKEY TURF GROUND - named after Fr. Donnelly S.J. it is a nursery of great Hockey talent who have represented the country.
  6. A BASKET BALL COURT - Father Edmund Carrasco Court for seniors and juniors.
  7. CHESS CLUB - Bandra Chess Club in St. Stanislaus began 5 years ago. It is a very active organisation. It trains students at the beginners, intermediates and advanced levels. Chess sharpens the mental ability and can unlock the hidden power of children. It definitely helps the child to develop their mental skills thus increasing their ability to study well. Good coaching is provided to enable our young chess lovers to attain laurelsat school and state levels.
  8. TWO COMPUTER LABS - The school has two wellequipped computer labs. Now 2 students can sit before 1 computer for the entire hour. The secondary lab has facilities to enable students to get acquainted with the latest software like Windows, MS Office 2000, Corel Draw, C++ Programming, Internet MS Access and Information Technology. Extra courses are conducted from time to time to assist students and parents.