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The school maintains a large library that has some excellent reference books and the latest scientific and news magazines.

  1. The library will be open on class days for the issue and return of books during the short recess and lunch break.
  2. Kindly follow the days allocated.
    Monday V A, B, C & D
    Tuesday VI A, B, C & D
    Wednesday VII A, B, C & DFriday VIII A, B, C & D
    Saturday IX A, B, C & D
  3. Books are issued for the use of the borrower only.
  4. Books should be examined by the borrower before leaving the library, and if the book is damaged the Librarian should be notified. Damage sustained by books while out of the library will be laid to the borrower’s account and he will have to make good the damage. Writing of any kind in the books is punishable.
  5. Books are not to be kept for more than 7 days. They may, however, be kept for a further period of 7 days if they are again registerd.
  6. All Books must be returned before the May and October / November Holidays.
  7. The borrower, who loses a book or who returns a book late, will be duly penalize