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School Activities

In keeping with the Jesuit vision of all-round development of its students, the School encourages a variety of activities.

  1. Public Speaking
    The aim of this activity is to train students, from the earliest years, in the art of public-speaking and orderly, gentlemanly argumentation. Elocution competitions, debates and dramas are held at different times.
  2. Scout Troop
    The Secondary section of the School has Scout Troops. Boys of Standards 8, 9 and 10 are encouraged to participate.
  3. N.C.C.
    Its aim is to imbibe discipline and motivation for military training among the students.
  4. Social Service
    Social service is an optional subject offered to the students of Standards 8, 9 and 10. Projects such as study classes for the economically backward children, slum children, adult literacy, Advanced Locality Management and visits to various institutions are undertaken.
  5. The Nature Club
    The Secondary section of the school has a Nature Club.Students of Stds. V to IX are encouraged to join. Its aim is to explore and appreciate natural beauty and to create an awareness of the threats that the environment faces. Its activities include nature trails, bird-watching, insect and plant study, film shows and much more.
  6. Visual Instruction
    Visual Instruction, mostly through the VCR or multimedia is undertaken for increased interactive learning.
  7. Game & Sports
    Games & Sports are organised under the supervision of teachers. The following games are played: Hockey, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Table-Tennis, Badminton, Volleyball, Chess. The School also has a Swimming pool where the boys learn to swim under the guidance of trained personnel, during the long vacation.
  8. Excursions
    Educational tours related study topics, are organised from time to time. In addition to the above activities, the Primary Section conducts the following
  9. Children’s Hour
    Each class celebrates a festival in the form of dramatization called ‘Children’s Hour’. Every child is given an opportunity to be on stage. These programmes foster interest and excitement in the children and hidden talents are discovered by the teacher.
  10. Appreciation Day
    Every child of Stds. I and II receives an award or certificate for his performance.
  11. Hobbies
    In order to draw out the best from the children and to tap their talents, hobbies have been introduced in the curriculum. The children participate in various activities like music, dancing, art, craft, swimming and drama.