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  • Boys must wear the prescribed uniform to school. White short-sleeved shirts, battleship grey long pants, black shoes with laces and black socks.
  • The school tie is to be worn on special occasions. Boys from Stds. V to VII are expected to were short pants. Stds. VIII-X are strongly recommended full pants. A haversack may be used, for carrying books. Unkempt hair/fancy hair cuts will not be allowed.
  • Those who do not come in Uniform are expected to bring a note of valid excuse from their parents on the day itself, written in this Hand Book.
  • Students from Stds. I to VII are discouraged from wearing wrist-watches.
  • R.S.P., N.C.C. & Scouts uniform must be worn according to the time table. This is compulsory.
  • Students are permitted to wear only black woollen sweaters during the Winter Season. No Jackets, Sweat Shirts etc. is allowed.