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Linguaphone Childrens English Programme Primary

Proud to announce, that St Stanislaus has opened a Language Lab, using the Linguaphone Children’s  EnglishProgramme.

The aim of this programme is to help children who are weak in English and need additional support and assistance in the language. It takes the children through a process of Listening, Understanding, Imitating and Speaking.

The teachers had a training workshop on how to make this programme most effective.

Starting this week, the Primary children have embarked on this Language Programme.


Clay modeling/Origami Competition

The boys of Std.I and II had a clay modeling competition and the boys of Std.III and IV had an origami competition on 21st August 2018.Students displayed their talents through clay and paper. Work done by the boys was a piece of art. The boys enjoyed themselves when at work. Two prizes were awarded to each class. Students learnt a lot by making articles themselves as well as by watching their friends. it is rightly said ‘A child’s mind is not a container to be filled but rather a fire to be kindled.’—Dorothea Brande.

‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’ – Albert Einstein.

Teachers in – charge: -      Tr. Priscilla Fernandes, Tr. Christine Pereira, Tr. Raynah Lemos, Tr. Priya Divecha.


Feast Of St. Ignatius Of Loyola

On the occasion of the feast of St Ignatius Of Loyola, the boys of the primary section were briefed on the life of St. Ignatius.

The boys were encouraged to share ideas of how like St. Ignatius they would be ‘Men for others’ in collaboration with the theme of ‘Care For Creation and Ban On Plastic’,.

The boys of Std.I completed an activity sheet on the same and had to complete the line, I will be a man for others by,………………..

The boys of Std. II participated in a poster competition depicting how they can be a ‘Man For Others’

While the boys of Std.III and IV participated in a poster competition depicting how they can be a ‘Man For Others’, keeping in mind also the theme of ‘Care For Creation and Ban On Plastic’.

The best posters were awarded prizes.

Tr. Mary Almeida

Tr. Lorraine Fernandes

Tr. Cursina Valles

Tr. Lufthancia Miranda


Childrens Hour – STD III

The 72nd Independence Day of our country was celebrated by the Primary Section on the 14th of August 2018 in the school hall. The programme began with a prayer service invoking God’s blessings on our country and its leaders followed by a prayer dance. Some boys displayed their fitness through different pyramid formations. The feeling of patriotism was further enkindled through a rendition of a medley of patriotic songs. This was followed by a video explaining the significance of our Independence Day and a power point presentation on our leaders of both the past as well as the present. The boys then danced to a foot tapping beat of the Vande Mataram using ribbons to enhance the performance and make it colourful. A fitting end to a morning well spent. The boys of standards I to IV received their non – academic prizes. The programme ended with the singing of our National Anthem.


Parents’ Day Celebrations 2018

 26th July is celebrated as Parents’ Day in honor of St. Joaquim and Ann the parents of our dear Mama Mary. To make it extra special, we, at St Stanislaus organized a fun filled morning for the parents of the Primary Section on Saturday 28th July. The committee consisted of Teachers Lorna, Lisa, Michelle and Cordelia. Four fun filled, creative activities were organized wherein the parents had to work in pairs. The options being -

  1. Masterchef,
  2. Post It,
  3. Mad Hatter and
  4. Re- Create.

The day began with a prayer followed by Tr. Jennifer welcoming our Parents to this event. Then the different teams assembled in their respective venues and a time slot of 1 hour was allotted to present the final product. Delicious healthy snacks, Creative posters on the theme ‘Parents a gift from God’, Beautiful articles made out of waste and hats decorated artistically were displayed. Prizes were distributed by Tr. Jennifer to a few winners. Every parent was given a pouch and a sticker as a remembrance of a special morning dedicated to special people called ‘Parents’.  

It takes really special people like you to be parents……



Our little Stanislites are not only known for their excellence in academics but also for achievement of their goal in sports. Thus, we began this academic year 2018-2019, with an Interclass Football Tournament for the 3rd and the 4th standard. The matches started from the 13th of July and went on till the 18th of July 2018. Our Physical Education Master, Sagar Parab was the referee for all the matches. The boys were very excited, energetic, determined, enthusiastic and played with the belief that winning or losing is just a part of the game, but Participation and Determination is what matters. The boys who did not participate in the game did the most fantabulous and awesome job of cheering for their class. With this spirit of sportsmanship and participation, the boys of class IIIA and IVD won the final match.      

Tr. Lalita Nirmal

Mr. Arnold Lobo

Mr. Sagar Parab


Doctor’s Day Celebration 2018

On 02nd July 2018, St Stanislaus High School celebrated Doctor’s Day in the Arupe Hall. This day was celebrated to recognize the contributions of physicians to individual lives and communities. To understand the significance of this day in a better manner, Dr. Bosco, Dr. Janaki, Dr. Namrata and Br. Conrad were invited as special guests. The Junior Red Cross boys of STD 7th, 8th and 9th, doctor’s day committee members and PTA members were also a part of this celebration.

The celebration began with a presentation done by the student council members. Our doctors were felicitated with a token of appreciation for their noble work of rendering their endless services to the community. Students asked various questions to our doctors related to their professional life, dealing with emergencies and understanding how to cope with stress especially as a student. Their insight advice helped our students to understand the significance of this day.

The celebration ended with a vote of thanks given by Sr. Arockia. This day was indeed a success that shed light upon service to humanity and to God.

Farewell Tr.Chitra Thadani

A farewell function for Tr. Chitra was held on 23rd March, 2018 in the Arupe Hall. Ex- principals, Headmistress and teachers were invited along with the present principal, headmistress and staff of the pre-primary, primary and secondary sections. A small programme was organized wherein Tr.Chitra and her family were brought into the school accompanied by the school band. This was followed by a prayer service, a power point presentation by Tr. Chitra, dance and felicitations. The programme culminated with a Sindhi buffet organized by Tr.Chitra herself.




Talent Search 2017-2018

In order to foster a love for music and teach students to appreciate it, a Talent search was organized for the students of the Primary section by Tr. Lorna, Tr. Malaika, Tr. Cursina , Tr. Cordelia and Tr. Karen.

Entry forms were sent after which eliminations were held on the 27th and 28th of February owing to the large number of entries that came in. The students participated in two categories, namely, vocal and instrumental. After the eliminations a final round was held on the 6th of March to narrow down on the outstanding performances of each standard. The selected students then put up a performance in the school hall for the teachers and boys of the Primary Section on the 13th of March.

Each participant was later given a chocolate and the students who made it to the finals were given a certificate.

The performances of our students were truly out of this world. Each one better than the other making it a soulful and enjoyable morning.

What food is to the body, music is to the soul.” 



Grandparents Day 2017-18

“Grandparents are people with silver in their hair and gold in their hearts”

17th February, Saturday – A beautiful morning spent with beautiful people- ‘The Grandparents’. The students of Std. I trained by their teachers had a fun filled morning, beginning with a Prayer service and a Prayer song. This was followed by a Welcome song. A Koli dance and a Goan dance were next in line. This was followed by a Hindi dance and a Fashion show. Each programme was introduced by our little comperes, they also entertained the grandparents with a few Poems dedicated to them.

The grandparents were served refreshments. The spot prizes kept all the grandparents enthralled through the morning. The beautiful morning came to an end with a game of housie. Tr. Jennifer and two grandmothers gave a vote of thanks. Each grandparent was given a take away gift as they left the portals of St. Stanislaus, with beautiful memories awaiting a repeat of the same the next year.

Trs. In charge

Mrs. Lorna Bhantu

Mrs. Lufthancia Miranda

Mrs. Priscilla Fernandes

Miss. Perpetual Fernandes



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