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5 Distrct Annual Athletic Meet

Students from St Stanislaus High School had taken part in the 5 Distrct Annual Athletic Meet at the University grounds in Marine Lines on the 2nd ,3rd ,4th ,5th , and 6th  November 2016. Athlets from  the city of Mumbai the  Suburbs, Thane, Palghar and Raigad Districts participated in this meet. Arjun Jayswal from the standard 4 won a silver medal in the 200m race in the under 10 category. Kudos to Arjun for making all of us here at St. Stanislaus High School very proud.


Children’s Day Celebration November 2016

As it is rightly said, “ Children are like a rainbow…….they add colour to our lives.” So we the teachers of the primary section unanimously decided that this year we would organize  a special programme for our children on the occasion of Children’s Day. The programme was held on the 18th of November 2016. It began by invoking God’s blessings on each of our students followed by the hymn ‘Just like a child’.

There were three items presented by the teachers. The skit ‘ The Three Little Pigs’ and two dances. Every teacher participated in the items. The boys thoroughly enjoyed each item and were very happy and excited to see their teachers perform for them.

The P.T.A. also put up a presentation on one of the children’s favourite cartoon shows ‘Motu Patlu’. They also organized a Magic Show and Clown Show which fascinated the boys.

To make the programme more interesting certain boys of each standard were called on stage and they were asked questions. Those who answered correctly were given a spot prize.

At the end of the programme all the teachers came up on stage and wished the children  ‘A Very Happy Children’s Day’. This was  followed by the vote of thanks given by the headmistress of the primary Mrs Jennifer Pereira. It was indeed an enjoyable morning both for the children as well as the teachers.

  -   Miss Perpetual Fernandes, Miss Lisa Pereira, Mrs Priya Divecha and Mr. Arnold Lobo


Appreciation Day 2016

Appreciation Day at St Stanislaus High School ( Primary Section) was celebrated on 24th September 2016 at 9.30 am in the School Hall. The Manager Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas, Principal Anna Correa, HeadMistress Jennifer Pereira and Sr. Arokia graced the programme with their presence.

The programme began with a prayer and a song on unity. Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas shared a few pearls of wisdom. Prizes for the Academic year 2015-2016 were distributed in between the different items that showcased the talent of the students in music, dance and drama.  The boys of Std 3 trained by the renowned Raell Padamsee put up a mime and recited a humourous poem.
The boys of Standards 3 and 4 who had participated in the interschool competition "Immaculata" put up the fairy tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears.. with a twist. The highlight of the day was a colourful musical on the Rainbow fish, penned down by the teachers and Darryl Loyola which emphasized the fact that it is only by sharing the gifts and talents that we have with others that we will truly be happy.  Teacher Jennifer proposed the vote of thanks followed by the singing of the School Anthem which marked the end of the beautiful programme spotlighting the talents of the boys truly Born for Greater Things.

Tr. Priscilla Fernandes, Tr. Malaika Rodrigues, Tr. Michelle Ferrao, Tr. Cursina Valles, Tr. Lorraine Fernandes and Tr. Lorna Bhantu


Teacher’s Day 2016

The PTA members joyfully celebrated Teacher’s Day on 2nd and 3rd September 2016.

2nd September was marked with a Eucharistic celebration, where in  Father Elton Namory, the main celebrant,  in his homily inspired the teachers to use their God given talents to educate the young minds and to bring out the best of the child’s abilities and potentials.

On 3rd September, the PTA began the celebration with a meaningful prayer service followed by an entertainment program in the school hall.  Master Ojas Jhadav, School Captian hosted the program for the Secondary School teachers.

The enthusiastic and talented PTA members worked very hard to train the Primary and Secondary boys to present a lovely and lively show for their teachers.

Darryl D’Souza the VP of the PTA concluded with a vote of thanks.

A Celebration packed with music, dance and a sumptuous lunch at the Manuel Gonsalves Trust was held later in the afternoon.

The teachers sang a thank you song to show their appreciation and gratitude to the PTA members for organizing this beautiful program.

Principal’s Day 2016

The Staff, PTA representatives and a few student council members joined together to celebrate Principal Anna’s birthday, which was on the 7th September.  The boys sang for the Principal at the morning assembly and expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards her for her tireless efforts in making the school a better place.

 Mrs. Anna Correa was given a warm welcome as she entered along with the Manager, Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas s.j. The PTA members started with a short prayer for Tr. Anna followed by a beautiful hymn sung by the teachers, a short speech by Fr. Frazer and cutting of the birthday cake. Small tokens of appreciation were gifted to Principal Anna by the Staff, PTA and Student Council.  A beautiful portrait painted by PTA member Jeanette D’souza was also presented.

Singer Shaan, Writer/Director, Milap Zaveri and Actor, Errol Marks, all ex-students taught by Principal Anna, sent in their wishes through short video messages.

“Behind every successful school there is a caring Principal”

Beach Race

The Joe Crasto Memorial Off-Season Beach Race organized by United Athletics Sports Club (Affiliated to the Mumbai Suburban District Amateur Athletic Association) held on 18th September 2016 at Juhu Beach.

Students from our school participated in the various age categories  Students participated in the 1 km, 2 kms and 3 kms race in the Under-10, Under-12 and Under-14 category respectively.

All our participants completed the race successfully. These races were a testimony of their strength and endurance.

 The 1st 10 boys from each of the races were awarded prizes and certificates.

 Following were the notable performers in the various age groups.

1 km Race - Under 10  Age group

  1. Standard IV - Arjun Jayswal  - 2nd Place.
  2. Standard III - Vihaan Sylva – 4th Place.
  3. Standard IV – Divesh Kudekar - 9th Place.

3 kms Race - Under 14  Age group

  1. Standard VIII - Noah D’mello – 9th Place.

BCDAA Athletics Championships (Primary)

The 49th Annual Athletics Championship organized by Bombay City District Amateur Athletic Association (BCDAA Athletics Championships) was held on 1st and 2nd September 2016 at University Sports Pavilion, Marine Lines, Mumbai. Students from our school participated in various events under different Age Categories. Out of 9 Students who participated from our school, 5 got a chance to stand on the podium and win medals in various events. The others who did not win medals, performed well too and had reached the finals in their respective events.

 Arjun Jayswal from 4th Standard excelled in the under 10 category winning 2 Gold medals and 1 Silver medal in the meet.

Jordon Desmond from the 3rd Standard too won 2 Silver Medals in the under 8 category.

 Following were the results:

 Under 8 – Standard III

  1. Jordan Desmond – 2nd Place – 100 meters run
  2. Jordon Desmond and Connel Cardoz – 2nd Place – 4 X 50 meters Relay

 Under 10 – Standard IV

  1. Arjun Jayswal  - 1st Place – 200 meters run
  2. Arjun Jayswal - 1st Place – 4 X 100 meters Relay
  3. Arjun Jayswal  2nd Place – 50 meters run
  4. Shaun D’mello – 1st Place – Long Jump

 Under 12 – Standard V

  1. Calvin D’souza – 2nd Place – 4 X 100 meters Relay

English Elocution Competition (Primary)

The English Elocution Competition for standards 1 to 4 was held on the 22nd and 26th  of  August, 2016 respectively. The judges for class 1and 2 were Mrs. Juanita Lobo a retired teacher from Jamnabai Narsee School and Mrs. Shurekha Lobo a teacher from St Joseph’s Convent High School and  the judges for class 3 and 4 were Mrs. Anna Menezes and Mrs. Mayrose D’Souza former teachers of our school.

There were 8 participants from each standard. The boys used voice modulation and expression while reciting their poems .  The judges appreciated their efforts and were happy to see such kind of enthusiasm in the little ones.The judges were given a small token of appreciation.

The participants and winners  were awarded certificates for their efforts. Finally our headmistress Mrs. Jennifer Pereira gave the vote of thanks and congratulated the boys .

The winners of class 1:

  • 1st place- Vian Fernandes, Ethan Furtado
  • 3rd place- Dwyane D’Souza

The winners of class 2:

  • 1st place- Mark Demelo
  • 2nd place- Ethan D’Souza
  • 3rd place –Rylen Enthiado

The winners of class 3:

  • 1st place-   Ethan Fernandes
  • 2nd place - Steven Rasquinha
  • 3rd place - Aaron Fernandes, Cristiano Dsilva

The winners of class 4:

  • 1st place - Jadyn Defigueiredo
  • 2nd place- Leon DeSouza
  • 3rd place- Kaide Pereira

Teachers incharge :       

  • Miss Perpetual Fernandes
  • Mrs.  Christine Pereira
  • Mrs . Priya Divecha
  • Mrs. Lorna Bhantu

Parents’ Day 2016 (Primary)

On the occasion of Parents’ Day, the primary section organized a day full of fun with a Treasure Hunt, for the parents on the 6th of August 2016. The parents assembled in the school shed at 9 a.m. in their respective dress code with a lot of enthusiasm and team spirit.

Darryl Loyola was the host for the programme. The programme started with some warm-up activities followed by the treasure hunt. The parents ran helter-skelter in all directions in the school premises. They performed different activities at each spot in order to earn the next clue. The treasure was finally found by the green team.

There was a surprise activity for the parents’ in order to bring out the creativity within themselves. The parents were asked to decorate a basket in a child friendly manner using the material provided. All the parents again showed great enthusiasm and very creatively worked on the baskets in their teams. They earned points for the display of their creativity and these points were added to the Treasure Hunt scores. Thus, the blue team won the overall prize; all the parents were given a candle and a bookmark as a token of appreciation. The programme ended with a light refreshment.

- Tr. Lufthancia Miranda, Tr. Priscilla Fernandes,

Tr. Michelle Ferrao and Tr. Lalita Nirmal.


Independence is Happiness (Primary)

To spread the happiness and celebrate the completion of sixty-nine years of  Independence the teachers and boys of Standard 3 put up a programme on 13th August, 2016 in the School Hall.
The programme began with a prayer and hymn asking God to bind us together. A few boys then began a discussion on what independence really means. Unity- the central theme was clearly brought out throughout the program starting with the play which highlighted the fact that we must be united in order to progress. Amidst the discussion, children dressed in traditional costumes of different states yet again emphasized Unity in diversity in our motherland. The boys then danced to the song Bharat humko Jaan se Pyara Hain.. filling the hall with the spirit of patriotism. This was followed by a fashion show which showcased the numerous Indian Achievers from different fields of life who have made their mark in the World. Last but not the least the choir sang We shall overcome as well as Hum honge kamiyab with the message that as long as we are united we shall overcome all obstacles.
The programme ended with a Vote of Thanks given by our HeadMistress Tr. Jennifer. The entire assembly then sang the National Anthem before dispersing from the Hall in an orderly manner.

Tr. Priya Divecha, Tr. Cursina Valles, Tr. Michelle Ferrao and Tr. Cordelia Lewis



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