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Grandparents’ Day Celebration

It was a beautiful morning when the boys of Std. I celebrated Grandparents’ Day on 18th February,2017

The function began with a prayer dance followed by other special performances put up by the kids.  All the grandparents recalled their childhood days as they watched their little grandsons perform.

Our headmistress, Tr. Jennifer Pereira gave the vote of thanks. She also asked the grandparents to share their experiences of their time spent with their grandchildren.

The grandparents enjoyed a game of housie. Spot prizes were also given. They were served coffee, sandwiches and wafers. At the end of the programme the grandparents were given a small token in remembrance of the occasion.

Std I: Raynah Lemos, Lufthancia Miranda, Mary Almeida, Perpetual Fernandes


Story Telling Competition

A story telling competition was held on the 13th of February, at St. Mary’s High School Goregoan, for the 1st and 2nd standard students  Each student had to narrate a story within three minutes with expression and voice modulation.   Mark Savio D’mello and Mark de Melo both from standard 2nd took part in this competition.  The boys enthusiastically practiced and took part in this competition.  Mark Savio D’mello narrated the story ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and Mark de Melo narrated the story ‘Heny Penny’ Mark Savio D’mello secured the 2nd place in this competition.   We are proud of both students since it is not easy to compete against so many schools.  We also congratulate them for giving it their best and doing

==Tr. Lisa Pereira


Primary Std 1 & 2 Fancy Dress Competition

A Fancy Dress Competition was held on 4th February, 2017 for the students of Std.1 & 2. Sixty-one students participated in it. The theme for the competition was ‘Once upon a time’ where the contestants’ dressed up as fairy tale characters and spoke a few words on the character they were dressed up as. The students spoke with confidence and were dressed up extremely well. However four students from Standard 1 and five students from Standard 2 were the winners. They were judged by Ms. Judy Athaide and Ms. Bernadette Cardoz, excellent people in the field of art, craft as well as creativity. All the participants were given a small gift for the courage and determination displayed.


Brainwave 2016

As we at St Stanislaus are committed to the all round development of our children, we promote not just academics and sports but many other extra - curricular activities as well.

One such activity to check the general knowledge of our boys of Standards 3 and 4 was Brainwave 2016-17, a Quiz held on 16th December, 2016 at 9.30 am in the School Hall. An elimination round was held earlier that month and four students (from each house) were selected to represent their respective houses to be quizzed in different fields such as Sports, Entertainment, Current affairs, Books and Academic subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and many more.

The quiz comprised of five rounds.. namely, Kaun Banega Champion where each team was asked two multiple choice questions, an audio round identifying tunes of cellular companies and musical instruments. There was also a visual round identifying animated films and company logos. The most exciting was the rapid fire round and the last round 'Try your Luck' where the children were asked to burst balloons and answer the questions written on slips of paper that were in those balloons.

The Loyola House were the winners of Brainwave 2016-17.

All in all it was an entertaining and engaging morning that compelled even the audience present to put their thinking caps on a morning truly well spent!

Tr. Cordelia Lewis
Tr. Cursina Valles
Tr. Lalita Nirmal
Mr. Arnold Lobo


Inter School Poetry Recitation Competition 2017

Jadyn Defigueiredo of Std 4A participated in the Fr Agnel Inter School Poetry Recitation Competition held on 27th January 2017. Out of the 14 schools that competed

Jadyn secured the second place and was awarded a medal and certificate.


Primary Republic Day Celebrations 2017

To celebrate the 68th Republic Day the subject teachers and the boys of  the Primary Section put up a programme on 25th January, 2017 in the school hall.

The programme began with a speech and prayer service asking God to protect our nation and its people. This was followed by a Marathi patriotic song by the boys of Std III showing their love for our country. Some children dressed in Indian attire and shared information on many of our National symbols.

A few boys also performed  an action song ‘Nana Munna Rahi Hoo’ creating a patriotic atmosphere among the audience. This was followed by taking an oath on the importance of voting and encouraging the parents to  vote in the upcoming election.

The programme ended with  a vote of thanks by our Head Mistresses Tr. Jennifer and finally the singing of our National Anthem.


Primary Sports Day 2017

Health and fitness are two sides of the same coin, both are very necessary to live a healthy and happy life, Without proper health and fitness  one cannot have a feeling of physical, mental and social well being. Keeping this in mind the theme of our sports Day was “EAT HEALTHY AND STAY FIT”. The much awaited Sports Day was held on 21st Jan 2017 on the school ground.

The meet began at 9:00am. The fantastic turnout from the parents and the pleasant weather were the perfect boost for the students on the sports day. Our Chief Guests for the day were. Mr. Anand Jayswal and Mrs. Aruta Jayswal the proud parents of Arjun Jayswal (student of Std 4) . The boys of Std 3 in the guard of honour welcomed the Chief guests, Manager Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas, Principal  Mrs. Anna Correa, Vice Principal Fr. Andrew Rodrigues and Primary Head Mistress Mrs. Jennifer Pereira. Tr. Lorna Bhantu introduced the chief guest .

This was followed by the March Past by the boys of Grade 4. The sportsmen prayer was said by Master Arjun Jayswal and the oath was taken by Master Shaun D’mello. The students solemly pledged to uphold the spirit of the sportsmanship. The Chief Guest Mr. Anand Jayswal then declared the meet open. Once the races began the air was filled with cheering and tons of encouragement for our little Stanislities. The flat races, relays and fancy races were all centred on the Theme for this year “Eat healthy, stay fit”. Some of the fancy races were “Circle of Good Health”, ‘Mickey on the Milky Way, “Physical activity beats gadgets”, ‘Celebrating health and many more . After each race, the winners were awarded a medal and a certificate.

The sports day culminated with a beautiful drill display put up by the boys of Std 4 trained by Master Sagar Parab.Mr Anand Jayswal encouraged our students with his speech in which he congratulated the winners and gave out the message that in sports there is never a loser, One either wins or learns  through his  experience. Tr. Jennifer Pereira then gave the vote of thanks. The meet ended with the School Anthem. At the end of the sports day the children went back with this message “Healthy food and fitness are essential for a healthy living”.


The feast of St Francis Xavier

The feast of St Francis Xavier was celebrated in school on Thursday, 3rd December 2016. The programme commenced with a prayer service, a short movie and skit based on the life of St.Francis Xavier.

After the programme in school, and as per tradition, Stanislites walked their way to Mount Mary’s Basilica for a Eucharistic celebration.

This pilgrimage is held annually to follow the vow the Bandraites had taken years ago, when Bandra was weighed down by plague.

Fr. Ambrose s.j. was the Main Celebrant at the Mass. Std X students received a special blessing for good health and strength to face life’s challenges as they are on the threshold of life. 

At the end of the Mass the students were treated to a snack.

Childrens Hour Christmas Programme 2016

Christmas is a time for celebration, a time for giving, loving, sharing and spreading happiness, peace, joy and good cheer. That is exactly what the boys of Std IV presented through their children’s hour on 21st December, 2016.

The programme began with a Christmas prayer followed by a dance, wherein the boys expressed their love in the form of prayer and music in their lives. The story of birth of Jesus was putforth in the form of Tableau. Everyone loves to decorate a Christmas tree with pretty buntings. These buntings are Christmas symbols which are of great significance to the life of Jesus Christ. This act was presented by showing each symbol and telling the meaning of it. A few of our Stanislites who were trained by Tr. Karen for the Inter School Carol Singing Competition performed for our children’s hour. Another group of boys showcased their talents by playing different musical instruments like the keyboard, drums, violin and the guitar and were joined by a group of boys singing Christmas carols wherein they wished everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Teacher Jennifer then addressed the gathering.

Thus, the fun-filled morning came to an end by giving the message of Christmas.

Tr. Lorraine Fernandes, Tr. Lorna Bhantu, Tr. Lalita Nirmal, Mr. Arnold Lobo


Christmas Carol Singing Competition 2016

An Annual Carol Singing Competition was held on 15th December 2016 at St Elias High School [Khar]. 14 enthusiastic schools participated in this competition including our school. 15 boys of the Primary Section represented our school. The children sang the traditional carol “ Go Tell It on The Mountains “. They were trained by Mrs. Karen D’Abreo and sang melodiously straight from their hearts.

They were awarded the first runners up in the competition.

- Tr. Priscilla Fernandes




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