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Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola (Primary)

The feast of St Ignatius of Loyola (the founder of the Society of Jesus) was celebrated by the primary section on the 29th of July 2016. The children took part in activities such as colouring, best out of waste, and mask – making.

The boys of Std 1st were given to colour a sunflower and complete the sentence ‘I like a sunflower because….’ They displayed their skill of colouring to perfection and the sentence given was also well completed by them.

The second standard boys had to make a chicken cup holder using a paper cup, cut out paper wings and eyes.  The boys had to colour the cup yellow and use their creative ideas to decorate the cup.

The boys of standard three made a sunflower out of a paper cup.  The boys had to colour, cut the cup and stick it on paper. The boys also had to write the sentence, ‘Spread your sunshine smile’ and draw a face for the sunflower. 

The big boys of the primary section (Std 4) had to make a mask using paper plates, cut outs of their hands with different coloured paper and googley eyes.  They had to then stick the cut outs all around the paper plates.

All the children gave it their best shot and decorated the articles beautifully using their own creativity and innovation.

Tr. Mary Almeida, Tr. Lorraine Fernandes, Tr. Cursina Valles, Tr. Lisa Pereira.


Clay Modeling Competition 2016

The Clay Modeling Competition was held on the 16th of July, 2016 for the boys of std. I and II. The theme for the competition was ‘Fruits and Vegetables’.  The teachers in charge were Miss. Malaika Rodrigues and Mrs. Raynah Braganza.

Boys brought their clay and eagerly made clay models of fruits and vegetables and displayed their work beautifully. They showed a lot of interest and completed their work within the stipulated time.

Three prizes were allotted for each class. They were judged on the neatness of their work and their final presentation.


Eumind Europe meets India Trip to ‘The Netherlands’

14 students from Std 8th and 9th along with Teachers Prtitisha Murzello and Pramila Gonsalves were invited to Jac. P. Thijsse College, Netherland, as a part of the Eumind exchange programme from 16th April 2016 to 24th April 2016.

As this was a cultural exchange the students were hosted by the Dutch families and the teachers were hosted by the Trip organizer Mr. Wouter   Bregman.

The students attended school and there were various classes held especially for them.

They were taken on a tour of Amsterdam, Castricum, Alkaamar and many other interesting places. They visited the cheese market, Dutch farm, The Van Gogh museum, sand dunes, water filtration plant & museum, bunkers, and many other places of interest. They found the canal boat ride, bicycle ride and the train journey very fascinating.

The trip was interesting, educational, informative and enjoyable and itenriched the lives of the students.


Primary Talent Search 2015-16

Finally it was here!!!!!! That time of the year, when the talent search had to be held. With great enthusiasm the entry forms were given to the children and entries were eagerly awaited. The categories for the Talent Search were as follows- Instrumentals, Vocals and Sketching. A thunderous response was received for the Sketching category competition, while a fairly good number of children gave in their entries for the Instrumental and Vocal categories. As the competition was to be held on the 12th of March, , the eliminations for the same were held on the 8th of March.

On the day set for the eliminations, the children came to school ready with their instruments and pieces, songs and crayons. Each participant put in his best effort. The members of the Talent Search committee - Ms. Malaika Rodrigues,  Mrs. Michelle D’souza, Mrs. Christine Periera and Mrs. Lorna Bhantu enjoyed listening to every piece that was played and every song that was sung. As for the sketching- the class teachers were asked to select the best three from every class and the final three from each standard were chosen on the 12th of March. Since there were few entries in the instrumental and vocals category the finalists were chosen on the 8th of March itself. The winners were awarded story and art books as prizes.

As it is rightly said,’ Your talent is a gift from God to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God.’


Grandparents Day

Grandparents Day was Celebrated on 20th February,16 by the Students of Std I.

A small cultural programme was put up by the boys, this was followed by a get together where a game of housie was played and many spot prizes were given. Grandparents were given a sandwich and a fruit juice for their refreshments and a small take away gift as a remembrance of the time spent in School with their grandchildren. The grandparents enjoyed themselves thoroughly and were extremely grateful that the headmistress, staff and students of St Stanislaus High School had thought about them and had a special place in their heart for them. They all went back happily after having enjoyed themselves.


St Stanislaus win U-10 Oliver Andrade trophy

Zeal Michael's all important goal saw St Stanislaus (Bandra) stun defending champions Don Bosco "A" 1-0 to lift the MSSA boys U-10 Oliver Andrade Trophy




Kite flying day (Primary)

Makar Sankranti, the festival of kites and til chikkis was celebrated on the 14th of January. Makar Sankranti literally means the movement of the Sun into Capricorn. It is the festival of til-gul where sesame and jaggery laddoos or chikkis are distributed among all and they are generally accompanied by the saying “ til-gul ghya ani gud gud bola” which means “ Eat these sesame seeds and jaggery and speak sweet words.

The boys from Stds I to IV were asked to bring their own kites and phirkis to fly during the durated time. It was an amazing sight to see the colourful kites in the sky and each little boy trying hard to keep their kite flying high. One could also see that special bonding between the parents and their boys while flying their kites, it was like ‘My Dad is the bestest!!’. Some parents even re-lived their childhood days and kept encouraging their sons by shouting ‘ Come on son, you can do it!’ . The boys thoroughly enjoyed this activity to the fullest and returned to class exhausted.    

                                                                                          Tr. Mary Almeida.


Primary School Annual Athletic Meet

Sports day is an important event in the life of every school. Sports itself has a vital  role to play in making a child physically as well as mentally sound.

St. Stanislaus Primary School Annual Athletic Meet was held on 19th Dec 2015 on the school ground. The meet began at 8.00am. The guard of honour (boys of Grade 3 ) welcomed our Chief Guest Mr. Vincent Fernandes & Mrs. Sweta Fernandes. The proud parents  of Avner Fernandes ( student of Grade 3 ). Once the guests  were seated Tr. Priya introduced the chief guest. This was followed by the March Past by the boys of Grade 4. The sportsmen prayer was said by Master Cristiano Corriea and the oath was taken by Master Keon Barnes both of Grade 4. The students solemly pledged to uphold the spirit of the sportsmanship. The Chief Guest Mr. Vincent Fernandes then declared the meet open. Our little Stanislistes were all excited as we then began with the series of races.  The flat races, relays and the fancy races all of which were centred on the theme for this year,  “The Year of Light” Some of the fancy races were , “This  little light of mine,” “Born to be a Stanislite,”  “Sun the giver of life,”  “Light dispels darkness”  and many more. After each race, the winners were awarded a medal & a certificate. On the completion of all the  races, some of our students ( including Avner Fernandes of Grade 3 ) put up a display of Malkambh which captured the attention of one and all as they sat on the edge of their seats. Malkambh is the Indian form of gymnastics. It requires  a lot  of focus, practice  and determination. Mr. Vincent Fernandes encouraged  our students with his vibrant speech followed by a vote of Thanks given by Tr. Jennifer Pereira. The meet ended with all the teachers leading the students in singing of the school Anthem. At the end of the sports Day, the children went back with this message “Winners win , Winners lose, but Winners play.”


Inter - School Carol Singing Competition (Primary)

The inter – school Carol Singing Competition for the Primary Section was held on 17th December 2015 . The participants from std I to IV put forth their enthralling performance. Eleven Schools took part in this competition held at St Elias High School.

The competition was judged  by very talented musicians.The occasion was graced and hosted by the esteem presence of the Principal of St Elias High School. The competitors sang a variety of Christmas songs .They came up with such melodious voices which appealed the audience and judges. All  our young maestros who took part in the competition made the competition a great success. All of them sang to their level best.  The winners were well appreciated by the judges.  Our school  stood  3rd in the competiton.

   Witnessing the children singing so well made all of us proud. This event would not have been possible without the help of Ms Karen D’Abreo who trained the boys and encouraged them to bring out their best and the headmistress Ms Jennifer Pereira who accompanied them and encouraged them to do better. Also not forgetting the parents who cooperated and took the trouble of bringing the boys for regular practices.

I will sing to the Lord all the days of my life.

Perpetual Fernandes.


FUN WITH KIDs Children’s Day Celebration

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about…The celebration of Children’s Day was held on 26th November 2015.  The boys of Std I and Std II assembled at 8:30 followed by the boys of III and IV at 11:00am.

Our stanislites celebrated Chidren’s Day which was filled with splashing fun and a jolly time for everyone. The celebration started with thrilling rides like the aeroplane, the jumping jack, rock climbing and the play house. They then proceeded to the games section which included fishing, basketball , ring them and feed it. They were also given burgers, sweets and a wrist band. The children had a wonderful time. Thanks to the help and support of the P.T.A.

Seeing the smile on the children’s face made the teachers continue the celebration for the next day with a card making competition that had the following themes :

  • Std I and II – Nature - Our friend
  • Std III and IV – Environment

Prizes were awarded to the two best in each class.  It was truly an enjoyable celebration for all the little ones of the primary section. May the love and laughter always stay on every child’s face.

Teachers In-charge:
Ms Raynah Lemos, Ms Priscilla Fernandes,
Ms Lalita Nirmal  and Ms Cordelia Lewis.



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