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Trip to ‘Talasari’- A place of tribal inhabitance, forest and field

Field trips have been an integral part of the geography. Hence a trip to ‘Talasari’- a place of tribal inhabitance, forest and field was planned for our Std. X boys.  This was a good opportunity for our children to experience the JOY of being in the company of nature and learn about the life and culture of the tribal inhabitants. The walk through the village, the experience of working in the field and the time spent with the students there has left a memorable experience in the minds of the students.



Inter Jesuit School PTA Meet

Parents of the SSHS PTA joined parents of other Jesuit schools in an inter school PTA meet at Campion School on Saturday, 3rd February. Various events were organized and our parents enthusiastically participated.  They won the championship trophy in the basketball competition.  The parents came away with wonderful ideas on how the PTA plays such an important and collaborative role in the school.



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