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German Cultural Exchange Programme

The students of St Stanislaus High School along with Apostolic Carmel High School had the opportunity for a Cultural and Educational Programme to Wilhelm’s Gymnasium School in Stuttgart, Germany. This trip included 4 boys from St. Stanislaus High School and 6 girls from Apostolic Carmel High School. Sr. Suchitra, (Principal) and Ms. Patricia  (teacher) from Apostolic Carmel High School and Ms. Cindrella D’Mello  (teacher) and Ms. Reshma Zakaria, (PTA member) from St. Stanislaus High School accompanied the students.



Loyola House Feast Celebrations

On the31st of July the school celebrated the Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola with great joy This is a very special day for the Jesuits.  Celebrations began way in advance with a Canteen day organised by the teachers and students of std 10. A chart making competition was held for std 5th to 9th. To bring in the festive spirit the March of St. Ignatius was sung every day in school with great pride. The most awaited cultural programme began with a skit depicting the life of Ignatius. The school band added to the frolic and energy with their breathtaking performance. There was a  Eucharistic celebration by our main celebrant, Fr. Charles followed by a brunch for the staff and retired teachers.



Beach Cleanup Drive

The scouts participated in the beach cleanup drive on Sunday 4th August 2019, at Carter road organized by the Bhamla foundation.


Retreat for STD 10th

On 16th and 17th of July 2019 the boys of std 10th were given an opportunity to spend these two days in silence and reflection to introspect and to discover themselves. The boys were divided into two groups. For Catholic students it was held at Bandra retreat house and it was conducted by Rev.Fr.Ivan D’Souza S.J .The students of other faiths had their session in school conducted by a group of youth belonging to an organization called “Shield of faith”.




Quiz Mania 2019

On the 20th of July 2019, the ‘Inter House Quiz Competition’ took place in the school auditorium. Each house was represented by a team of 4 students that competed with each other. With a short introduction to the programme, Mr. Saby Sebastain took over as quiz master who anchored the whole show. There were four groups of cheerleaders who represented their houses and put up a one minute performance. There were 8 subjects with 2 rounds each that started off with current affairs, literature, maths, science, social science, film/music and the rapid fire round. It was highly competitive and exciting and the Loyola house emerged as winners.

The programme ended with the prize distribution and the vote of thanks by Sr. Arockia.


Annual NCC Training Camp held at Tapovan, Nashik

NCC training without camps is as pale as a night without stars! And if the camp is for 10 days, the excitement itself increases. We, the NCC cadets of Std.9 were given the opportunity to attend the Annual Training Camp held at Tapovan, Nashik. We were delighted to reach our campsite enveloped with fresh air and beautiful nature. Our school was allotted the ‘Delta’ house for the upcoming activities during the camp. From the second day, our training started. Our days began at 5 o’clock and ended at 10:30 pm. We felt great pride when we saw the officers in uniform. Saluting our seniors was a proudful moment. During the course of the camp, a number of activities were held in which our students excelled. To name a few- Football tournament, cross-country marathon, quiz competition, drill competition, best cadet selection and so on. Our nights were full of entertainment with the cultural programmes presented by every school. Our playtime was fun-filled as the Senior Division cadets also played with us. The cherry on the cake was the activity of ‘range fire’! All of us were taken to the shooting range where everyone was given 5 bullets to fire. Everyone was aiming for the bull’s eye! Firing with real guns was an amazing experience itself!

In short, we were trained to experience the life of a soldier and his difficulties. Unity, discipline, hard-work, co-operation of team were the necessary values taught us. And soon it was time to leave. We had the last camp fire and prize distribution. On 25th July 2019, we bid adieu to everyone and returned back with good memories.

We extend grateful thanks to our ANO Sir Rostan, Principal Tr Anna and our unit 1 MAH Air Squadron NCC for this unique and memorable camp.


We are a part of nature and not apart from nature - Vanamahotsav Celebration

“We are a part of nature and not apart from nature” was the theme of the Vanamahotsav Celebration in school on 10th July, 2019.The programme started with a prayer, followed by the importance of preserving Our Common Home, the Earth.  The students enacted an informative and entertaining street play on keeping our surroundings clean followed by a song and video. 

The chief guests, Ms Lilian Pais, a well-known social activist and officials from the BMC garden department distributed saplings to the students.  Two Ashoka trees were planted on the school grounds with the help of the distinguished guests, Scouts, Nature Club members and staff.


Stanislites celebrate Moon Landing Day

The science club and social studies club boys of St Stanislaus High School enjoyed a wonderful celebration of Moon Landing Day at the Nehru Science Centre on 19th July 2019.

The visit began with a large format science odyssey film titled Aircraft Carriers: Guardians of the Sea. Watching the film on a huge dome screen projector felt like we were on those large carriers sailing the seas. This was followed by an amazing, up close and personal look at the moon. Yes, you read it right! It was during the day and  with a special visual presentation through a giant animated sphere. The composition, surface, phases and previous lunar landing spots were seen by the students. Later  half the students took a tour of the science centre and participated in a workshop and demonstration of a water rocket. The other half watched a special screening of the movie ' First Man' which told the riveting story behind the first manned mission to the moon, focusing on Neil Armstrong and the historic Apollo 11 flight.

Arthur C Clarke said,' The moon is the first milestone on the way to the stars.' This Moon Landing Day celebration was definitely an inspiration and a milestone for the future scientists and geographers of St Stanislaus.


Visit to the Maharashtra Legislature

On Monday, 1st July, the boys of standard 7th, 8th & 10th went for an educational visit to the Maharashtra Legislature (Vidhan Bhavan).  The Maharashtra Legislature comprises of the Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) and Legislative Council (Vidhan Parishad).   The Speaker, Chief Minister and the Council of Ministers at the Legislative Assembly debated on  issues arising due to water scarcity and water clogging in low-lying areas of Mumbai.

They further brought forth the need to ban plastic bags but also spoke of its aftermath with the rise of unemployment among the people working in large scale plastic making businesses. Later, the boys were taken to the Legislative Council where Mr. Vinod Tawde shed light on the importance of Marathi Language in schools and colleges, and spoke of different ways in which children can be engaged in learning Marathi with ease. It was definitely an enriching visit to understand our civil system. 


Vice Principal’s Day Celebration

10th June is the birthday of Sr.Arockia but it was celebrated on the first day of school with great enthusiasm by the staff.

A birthday cake was cut and a floral bouquet was presented to Sr, Arockia. We wish our dear vice-principal all God’s abundant blessings.



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