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Distribution of Text Books

Free text books from the Maharashtra State Education Department were distributed to the students of Stds. 5, 6, 7 and 8 by the Class Teachers on the first day of School.


St. Stanislaus Certificate Programs (SSCP)

St. Stanislaus High School has launched the St. Stanislaus Certificate Programs (SSCP) an Enrichment Programme for all students of Standards 6th, 7th and 8th



Maharashtra Day 2017

Maharashtra Day is celebrated to commemorate the formation of the state of Maharashtra after its division from Bombay State on May 1, 1960.

The celebrations started off with the hoisting of the National Flag by the Chief Guest, Mrs. Shailaja Mulay,  the reciting of the Pledge and Prayer.

A skit showcasing the various leaders of Maharashtra, their works, and messages and a  lezim display  highlighted the energy and enthusiasm of this beautiful State.

Mrs Mulay in her speech to the students encouraged the students to read and write at least 5 sentences in Hindi and Marathi and 15 sentences in English. She told the students that they were the future of Maharashtra and to be “Persons with a class to stand above the Mass”.

The Atharva Trust Dombilivi, Awards of Craft and Drawing competition at the State Level were also awarded to the winners.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks by our Vice Principal, Fr. Andrew Rodrigues s.j.

Farewell Mr Simon Chisti

Come December and there is a charged atmosphere at school. Why you may ask! Christmas is approaching! All Stanislites are busy preparing their hearts and using their creative talents to decorate Christmas ornaments to be displayed both in the class and along the school corridors. The crib, too, is set up to welcome Baby Jesus.

As this is the season of giving, our boys donate generously, articles like pulses, Complan, Bournvita, and mats etc. for our Twin Mission School.

The Christmas tableau and children’s celebration was on the 22nd of December.  It began with a meaningful prayer service, followed by an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s ‘The old Shoemaster’, Papa Panov’s special Christmas,  on how to make Christmas more meaningful and ‘CHRIST’ filled by reaching out to the poor, unfortunate and those excluded from society. This was followed by a Christmas themed Fancy Dress Competition for the boys of Std. 5.6 & 7.

Keeping in mind the theme of giving, our school management and the PTA gave the boys a Christmas gift; a lovely red pouch and wonderful memories to cherish.

Mr Simon Chisti, our Lab Assistant for the past 28 years was also given a fond farewell .


Farewell Batch of 2016-17

 7th February, 2017 was a day of mixed feelings for the outgoing Std X batch of 2016-2017.  The boys, looking dashing in their well tailored suits, both Western and Indian, were gathered in the school auditorium for a final good bye.

It was an incredible day hosted and organized by Std. IX students together with their teachers. The program began with a prayer service to invoke God’s blessings on the students followed by inspiring messages by the School Captain, Ojas Jadav,   Manager, Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas and the Principal,  Mrs Anna Correa.

Games and spot prizes, pulsating music by the student rock band and  a movie which brought back fond memories of the years spent at St. Stanislaus, all added to the fun.

The auditorium was set ablaze with a ramp walk by twenty students who participated in “THE STAN PRINCE” contest.

The much awaited result crowned Ojas Jadhav  as “The Stan Price For 2016-2017, Nahum Lobo and Kenan Barboza were the runners-up.


Marathi Festival 2017

27th February is the birth anniversary of a great Marathi poet and author V.V.Shirvadkar. In his honour, every year, Marathi Divas is celebrated in Maharashtra. Our school also celebrates this festival every year.

This year, the celebrations of Marathi day started a week in advance by conducting various competitions in Marathi as well as the morning assemblies, prayers and announcements during the day were also in Marathi.

The day of celebration was organised on 28th February 2017. Mrs. Leena Gonsalves an ex primary teacher was the chief guest for this programme. Various dances depicting the life of farmers and Adivasis staying in Maharashtra were performed. A skit based on the day to day plights of the farmers was also performed.

The special attraction or highlights of the programme was the fashion show where in the children were dressed as the famous personalities of Maharashtra.


A filmy day for the film club

On the 20th January, 2017 the students of the film club assembled in the museum to witness a short seminar on “Guidance to the right path of Film direction, Acting and Advertising.” by Mr. Errol Marks, an Ex-Stanislite.

Mr. Errol Marks began his acting career whilst in school. His desire to be an actor prodded him to get a break in his college play. His persistence got the attention of an Assistant Director who gave him his first advertisement  for Crabtree switches. As of December 2016 he has been a part of close to two hundred commercials  like Reliance, Havells, Dish TV, Nokia , Star TV, MTV and many more.

Mr. Errol walked the boys through the basics of advertisement and also showed them some of his works, including his first film. He  spoke about the different types of challenges faced while ascending the ladder and reaching this present position. He then talked about different jobs available on and off the set, the different salaries, popularities and difficulties.

The seminar concluded with a speech by Principal Anna and Mr. Errol was given a token of appreciation.


Final Exam Time Table

DATE DAY STDS  5 - 6 STDS  7 - 8 STD 9 
15th March 2017 Wednesday School  7.20am - 1.25pm 7.30 - 9.00 a.m. P.D. Exam school till 1.25pm
16th March 2017 Thursday Holiday
17th March 2017 Friday 7.30  – 8.30  a.m. 7.30  – 8.30  a.m. 7.30  – 8.30  a.m
    Integrated Studies Integrated Studies Integrated Studies
    School till 1.25 p.m. School till 1.25 p.m. 9.30 - 10.30 a.m.
        P.T. Exam
18th March 2017 Saturday School till 9.50 a.m. School till 9.50 a.m. 7.30 - 9.30 a.m.
        Work Education
20th March 2017 Monday School till 9.50 a.m. School till 9.50 a.m. 7.30 - 9.30 a.m.
        ICT Exam
21st March 2017 Tuesday 7.30-8.45a.m.  7.30 - 9.00a.m. 7.30 - 10.30 a.m.
    English (40 mks) English (50 Mks) English (80 marks)
22nd March 2017 Wednesday Study Holiday Study Holiday 7.30 - 9.30 a.m.
      French Comp. Std.8 Hist - Pol Sc   (40 marks)
23rd March 2017 Thursday Holiday
24th March 2017 Friday 7.30 - 8.45 a.m. 7.30 - 9.00 a.m. 7.30 - 9.30 a.m.
    Maths (40 marks) Maths (50 marks) Maths I   (40 Marks)
25th March 2017 Saturday Study Holiday Study Holiday French Comp. Std.9
26th March 2017 Sunday Holiday
27th March 2017 Monday 7.30- 8.45 a.m. 7.30 - 9.00a.m.  7.30 - 9.30 a.m.
    Science (40Mks-6th std) Science (50Mks) Science I (40 marks)
         EVS I (5th Std)    
28th March 2017 Tuesday Gudi Padwa  Holiday
29th March 2017 Wednesday 7.30-8.15a.m.  7.30-8.30a.m.           7.30 - 9.30 a.m.
    Geography(20Mks) Geography(25Mks) Maths II(40 Marks)
    5th std study holiday    
30th March 2017 Thursday Holiday 
31st March 2017 Friday 7.30 - 8.45 a.m. 7.30 - 9.00 a.m. 7.30 - 10.30 a.m.
    Marathi (40 marks) Marathi (50 marks) Marathi (80 marks)
1st April 2017 Saturday Study Holiday Study Holiday Study Holiday
2nd April 2017 Sunday Holiday
3rd April 2017 Monday 7.30-8.45a.m.  7.30 - 9.00a.m. 7.30 - 10.30 a.m.
         Hindi(40Mks)      Hindi(50Mks) Hindi (80Mks)
4th April 2017 Tuesday Ram Navmi Holiday
        7.30 - 9.30 a.m.
5th April 2017 Wednesday Baseline? Study Holiday Baseline? Study Holiday Geog - Eco (40 marks)
6th April 2017 Thursday           Holiday
7th April 2017 Friday Baseline? Study Holiday Baseline? Study Holiday Study Holiday
8th April 2017 Saturday 7.30- 8.15a.m.  7.30-8.30 a.m.          7.30 - 9.30 a.m.
    History(20Mks) History (25Mks) Science II (40 Marks)
    EVS II (5th std)    

Dear Parents,

  1. The school timing from Monday 6th March  2017 onwards will be from 7:20 a.m. to 1:25 p.m.
  2. On days of S.S.C. examination, school will close at 9:50 a.m. (S.S.C. Board Exam on 7th , 9th , 11th , 14th 16th , 18th , 20th ,  22nd ,25th ,27th, 29th, 30h & 31st March '17 On the above days school will end at 9.50 a.m. )
  3. Also note that 5th to 8th Std students will have second Baseline Test (Dates Awaited)
  4. Full portion of the year for the Baseline Test.
  5. Std 9 Extra class will beging from 17th April 2017
  6. Special Program for all the students(5th -9th std.) will be arranged from 10th April to 1st May 2017                \
  7. Before you plan your vacation, kindly note: All students who fail in the Summative Evaluation in the Second Term will be called for remedial teaching  till Saturday , 29th April 2017. Attendance is compulsory. The last day of the school is 1st May 2017.                                              

Tr. Anna Correa                



R.S.P. Road Awareness Programme

On Wednesday 11th January, 2017 a R.S.P. Road Awareness Programme was conducted by St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra (West) and the Bandra Traffic Police.  The Police Raath arrived in the school compound at 10.15 a.m. sharp to be welcomed by 60 students from Apostolic Carmel Convent, Bandra (West) , 60 students from Anjumam Islam School, Bandra (West) and more than 110 students from St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra (West) and also took an active part in the programme.

Inspector Rane, Inspector Shinde and Retired Inspector Shelar and four other Police Constables briefed the students about Road Safety later in the School Auditorium.  Present at the programme were the R.S.P. teachers from St. Stanisluas - Sir Pathak, Tr. Anita Dave and Tr. Cindrella D’Mello.

The vote of thanks was delivered by the Head Mistress of St. Stanislaus High School – Mrs. Anna Correa.  The Asst. Head Master Rev. Fr. Andrew Rodrigues, S.J. was a moral support from the start to the end of the programme.      


Kids for Tigers

Children are the Future of Tomorrow. Keeping this in mind, Bittu Sahgal started “Kids for tigers” in 2000, to create awareness among students, to safeguard the natural habitat of Tigers and protect them.

Kids for Tigers conducts plays, competitions, lectures and organizes trips for  school children to the neighboring forests and wildlife sanctuaries to introduce them to a culture of biodiversity and habitat.

Every year the “Kids for tiger” organization conducts the TIGER festival at Maharashtra Nature Park, Mahim. This year the fest was held on 3rd February 2017

St. Stanislaus High School has a vibrant Nature club, which conducts different activities and training sessions for their students.

At the TIGER fest, the Nature Club students of St. Stanislaus High School participated in different events like face painting,  Rangoli,  Poster making,  Skit,  Band,  and  Best out of Waste, with great enthusiasm and fervor.

The school won the first prize for the skit competition. The event was a great success and the students got the message loud and clear to “Save our Planet”.           



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