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STD 10 Prelims Time Table December - January 2016-17

STD 10  : PRELIMS TIME TABLE ( December - January  2016-17)
Date  Day Time Marks Subjects
19th December 2016 Monday During School hours  - Maths MCQS
20th  December 2016 Tuesday  9 am - 11 am 40 ICT
    11.00 am - 1.30 pm 50 Work Education
21st  December 2016 Wednesday 9 am - 9.45 am 25 PT
    10.30 am - 12.30 pm 50 PD
22nd December 2016  Thursday Christmas  Celebration  -  --
23rd December 2016  to 1st January   2017    Christmas vacation         
2nd January 2017 Monday School as usual - --
3 rd January 2017 Tuesday   11.00 - 2.00 pm 80 English
4th January 2017 Wednesday   11.00 - 1 .00 p m 40 Maths I
5th January 2017 Thursday Study Holiday    
6th January 2016 Friday   11.00 - 2.00 pm 80 Marathi
7th January 2017 Satruday   11.00 - 1 .00 p m 40 Histroy/Poli.sci
8th January 2017 Sunday Study Holiday    
9th January Monday   11.00 - 2.00 pm 80 Hindi /Hindi Composite
10th January 2017 Tuesday Study Holiday    
11th January 2017 Wednesday   11.00 - 1 .00 p m 40 Science I
12th January 2017 Thursday Study Holiday    
13th January 2017 Friday   11.00 - 1 .00 p m 40 Maths II
14th January Satruday   11.00 - 1 .00 p m 40 Geography /Economics
15th January 2017 Sunday Study Holiday    
16th January 2017 Monday   11.00 - 1 .00 p m 40 Science II
17th January 2017  Tuesday   11.00 - 1 .00 p m 40 French Composite
18th January 2017 Language orals and science practicals
Note: Portion is given in the almanac. 
Confirm the portion and the outline with the subject teachers.
For other details open Koolkampus site
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Tr. Ruby Vaz - Art in Heart

The Stanislaus Parivar bid farewell to Tr Ruby who for 36 years encouraged and brought out the creative best in the students. 

The programme started with a  prayer dance by our boys , followed by a reading from the Holy Bible and a short homily by Fr. Ambrose. Darryl Loyola, an ex student presented “You touched my life”. His drawing and art is a culmination of Tr. Ruby’s encouragement and artistic talent.

A PowerPoint presentation captured the golden moments of Tr. Ruby’s life.The teachers put together a traditional song and dance of Vasai.

The PTA, Staff and students stole her heart through their cards and good wishes.

A farewell speech was delivered by Principal Anna Correa.


Teacher’s Day 2016

The PTA members joyfully celebrated Teacher’s Day on 2nd and 3rd September 2016.

2nd September was marked with a Eucharistic celebration, where in  Father Elton Namory, the main celebrant,  in his homily inspired the teachers to use their God given talents to educate the young minds and to bring out the best of the child’s abilities and potentials.

On 3rd September, the PTA began the celebration with a meaningful prayer service followed by an entertainment program in the school hall.  Master Ojas Jhadav, School Captian hosted the program for the Secondary School teachers.

The enthusiastic and talented PTA members worked very hard to train the Primary and Secondary boys to present a lovely and lively show for their teachers.

Darryl D’Souza the VP of the PTA concluded with a vote of thanks.

A Celebration packed with music, dance and a sumptuous lunch at the Manuel Gonsalves Trust was held later in the afternoon.

The teachers sang a thank you song to show their appreciation and gratitude to the PTA members for organizing this beautiful program.

Sahashaleya Upakram (H- West Ward) Lezim Competition

St Stanislaus High School played host for the H-West Ward Inter School Lezim competition. Lezim is a folk dance form, from MaharashtraIndia. This dance is named after a wooden idiophone to which thin metal discs are fitted which produce a jingling sound and the dancers use this while dancing. Dholki, a drum instrument is used as the main percussion music. It is a very vigorous exercise and a drill. The rhythmic dance formations are executed in unison and are truly a lovely sight.

On Thursday, September 22nd, 2016 St Stanislaus High School held the Inter School Lezim Competition. This competition was organised by the Sahashaleya Upakram (H- West Ward).

13 schools participated making it a huge success.

The judge for this was Mrs. Jayshri Rajesh Shivdas  

The winners of the Lezim Competition 2016-2017 were:-

1st place           New English School (Bandra –E)

2nd place          Mary Immaculate Girl’s High School (Kalina)

3rd place           Raja Rameo Podar Shala (Santacruz – W)


153rd Annual Awards Day 2016

The 153rd Annual Awards Day was held on Saturday 27th August 2016

The Chief Guest was Mrs. Smita Jadhav, the mother of our current School Captain, Master Ojas Jadhav and our Guests of Honour were, Mr. & Mrs. Rony Quadras,

parents of our school S.S.C topper, Master Gerard Quadras.   The Comperes for the function were, Master Raudman Irani and Master Jayden  D’Mello.

The function began with the lighting of the lamp followed a brief introduction of the guests and presentation of the token of appreciation.   The cultural program.  brought out a superb range of pulsating performances by the students.  The students of The Stanislaus International School, got an opportunity to make an appearance during grand finale song “Dare to Dream”.

The Chief Guest was invited to speak and this was followed by the much awaited and most important part of the function, the presentation of the certificates. A total of 625 certificates of achievement were presented to the students

Come, Feel the Pulse


Principal’s Day 2016

The Staff, PTA representatives and a few student council members joined together to celebrate Principal Anna’s birthday, which was on the 7th September.  The boys sang for the Principal at the morning assembly and expressed their heartfelt gratitude towards her for her tireless efforts in making the school a better place.

 Mrs. Anna Correa was given a warm welcome as she entered along with the Manager, Fr. Frazer Mascarenhas s.j. The PTA members started with a short prayer for Tr. Anna followed by a beautiful hymn sung by the teachers, a short speech by Fr. Frazer and cutting of the birthday cake. Small tokens of appreciation were gifted to Principal Anna by the Staff, PTA and Student Council.  A beautiful portrait painted by PTA member Jeanette D’souza was also presented.

Singer Shaan, Writer/Director, Milap Zaveri and Actor, Errol Marks, all ex-students taught by Principal Anna, sent in their wishes through short video messages.

“Behind every successful school there is a caring Principal”

English Choral Recitation

English choral recitation was held on 22nd July 2016 for students of Std V to VII. The elimination round was held on 16th July and two classes from each standard were selected for the final round. The students were judged on the basis of choice of piece,stage presentation, voice modulation, pronunciation, expression and clarity. Classes 5C, 6A and 7A were selected as the best performers.


Science Club Visit to the Nehru Science Centre

The Science Club students from  Std 5-9 visited the Nehru Science Centre on Tuesday 23rd August 2016 accompanied by Tr. Sadaf & Tr. Deepali.

The boys were thrilled to see the various fields of science and technology.

The evolution of man was seen through POP (Plaster of Paris) images which looked real, including the stones of various eras.

They were excited to handle working models of aero-science using turbo jet engines.

At the light and sound show , the Stanislites were amazed to see the wonders of radium against the dark wall. The space and astrological studies were very informative. The students experienced the joy of entering the human heart and observing the human analogy was a true way of experiencing the pulse.



Students of our school who learn kickboxing were addressed by Mr Krishna Gopal, an expert in self-defense. He runs an academy called Kurodaiya in the Netherlands. His talk was based on his mantra "Violence ends where respect begins."




The Film Club

The Film Club is an endeavour that strives to transform the lives of children within the space of the school system. It welcomes children to experience the magic of cinema through film watching, live shooting, hands on camera experience, visits to the film industry, Celeb talk and a lot more. Keeping all this in mind, the STAN FILM CLUB invited Filmmaker, Amole Gupte, the man behind critically acclaimed children-centric films ‘Taare Zameen Par’ and ‘Stanley Ka Dabba’ on the  22nd  of August, 2016 to St. Stanislaus to share his expertise with the Film Club students from Stds. VII to IX.

Mr. Amole’s has over 15 years experience of working with children as well as his career in films. He has wonderful insights on both the worlds, which he shared with the students.. According to him, cinema is an exciting new medium and art form for children to explore. All they need is a mobile phone camera and a computer.

In this session, he showed two short films - ‘Aansoo bane Moti’ (made by underprivileged children)  and ‘Tahaan’( directed by his student Mr. Ashish Gaikwad (an Ex-Stanislite), in order to throw light on the possibilities open to children interested in this field. He also discussed the relationship children share with cinema, and how it is different to ours. With their stories and wonder and imagination, children could become absolutely fabulous filmmakers in today's digital age.

The boys enthusiastically took part in a healthy discussion with Mr. Amole Gupte

Principal Mrs. Anna Correa expressed her gratitude by giving Mr. Gupte a token of appreciation.



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