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So Long Farewell Tr. Freda DeSouza

With heavy hearts, the Staff of the Stanislaus Parivar bid Tr. Freda DeSouza adieu on Friday, 30th October 2015 on her completion of 17 and a half years.

A small felicitation program was held to express their appreciation and gratitude for her contribution and service to the School.

Valedictory speeches by the School Manager –Fr. Errol Fernandes, Ex-Principals –Fr. Lawrie Ferrao and Fr. Jude Fernandes, the Principal Tr. Anna Correa.

The BIRD Principals presence at this event warmed the cockles of her heart.

The sumptuous fellowship meal prepared by the Staff was the icing on the cake.


Rang Bhare – Colouring the life of our students

The Rang Bhare Teacher’s Day Celebration – Colouring the life of our students was held on 30th September at St. Mary’s ICSC, Mazgaon.

With this theme running through, the entire programme planned by the Jesuit Board of Education, for teachers, we the teachers  from the 8 Jesuit schools in Mumbai, were in for a treat.

A prayer service which was based on St. Ignatius’s call, and for us now to go light the world.

The compere for the day was Sheriyar Atai, who not only entertained but facilitated the Panel Discussion by speakers Mr Shishir Hattangadi, Mr Ronak Kapoor, Mr Amol Gupte and Ms Karla Singh.  The emphasis was on how to bring colour into the classrooms and make them vibrant places of learning.

There were different workshops like Photography, Zumba, Speech & Drama, Foreign Language, Mobile Apps, Yoga , Best Taste Test and Calligraphy  which enriched the  teachers.

After lunch, there were different competitions.  St. Stanislaus teachers won 1st  place in the Creative Writing, Human Puzzle and joint 1st  place in Blackboard Comics. 2nd place in Soulful Melodies and 3rd place in the Box Cricket League.

The teachers returned tired, but content with a day well spent.



Hindi Basha Diwas 2015

In keeping with the Hindi Basha Diwas being celebrated nationwide on 14th September, St. Stanislaus School had a weeklong celebration.
The importance of the Hindi language was portrayed through Choral recitation, elocution and short skits. Charts adorned the school classroom boards. Every morning for a week, the School assembly was held in Hindi.

On Saturday, 12th September,  Stds. V-VIII had Choral recitation and Stds IX and X had Elocution competiton. Dr. Faisal Khan an ex-student of the School and Ms. Varsha Yadav judged the student’s performance. Students received certificates at the end of the programme.

On Monday, 14th September Hindi Basha Divas was celebrated in the School auditorium to propagate the use of the National language. The importance of this language was displayed through Mono-acting, dance, skit and a PowerPoint presentation.

The programme ended with a Vote of Thanks by the Principal and the National Anthem sung.



Principals Day - Tr Annas birthday

The School notice boards were bedecked with charts, prepared by our Stanislites, to wish Tr. Anna on her birthday, which was also celebrated as Principal’s Day.
As it was the start of Hindi week the celebrations began with an intercom assembly in Hindi.
There was a quiz on Women, and an Essay Competition was held in each class.

The celebrations continued in the school hall where the students, teachers and the PTA welcomed Tr. Anna with prayers and best wishes. Fr. Errol, our Manager spoke about the significance of Principal’s Day.

The boys performed a prayer dance followed by performances by the Horlicks Wiz Kids band winners, and participants of the fashion show and dance.
The teachers projected ‘ANNA - as a Woman of Substance ’.  A short video going down memory lane into the life of Tr. Anna was portrayed. The PTA too expressed their heartfelt gratitude through a song. Tr. Anna was then invited on the stage to cut the cake, and accepted cards, presented by each class.

The programme in the hall concluded at 12:30 pm with a telecast of a video of a speech by our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi on Teacher’s Day.


Inter School Pilgrimage to the Mount 2015

After last year’s successful inter school pilgrimage, the BIRD committee this year too, organized the pilgrimage to the Mount on 11th September, 2015. Two thousand Three hundred students from 32 schools from Mumbai participated.
The main celebrant was His Lordship Bishop John Rodrigues.
This year’s event was organized by St. Joseph’s Convent High School with the help and support from their PTA.
The students were given a pouch containing snacks and a bookmark


Teachers Day 2015

This year we began the Teacher’s Day celebrations of 4th September with a Eucharistic celebration. Bishop John Rodrigues was the main celebrant. The choir trained by Tr. Yvette and Mrs. Marisa Pereira, a parent, added to the festive spirit.

On 5th September the teachers were personally escorted to their classes by the respective monitors and parent volunteers. The class teacher and accompanying subject teacher were greeted with a card and chocolates. This was followed by an entertainment programme put up by the class boys.

The teachers were then transported to Willingdon Gymkhana for a party hosted by the PTA. They were treated to lively Hindi and English songs, good food, games prizes and surprises galore. This was conducted ably by Darryl. Thanks go out to the very enthusiastic team of parents for making this celebration meaningful and enjoyable.



Light Waves Annual Prize Day 2015

The Annual Prize Day is one of the most eagerly awaited events is the school’s academic year  This year it was held on 29th August, 2015. As is customary we worked around the theme set by the UNO- Year of Light and Light-based Technology.

The Chief Guests for the evening were Mrs & Mr D’Mello parents of our ex school vice captain Jason D’Mello and Mrs & Mr Shah parents of our school SSC topper at the March 2015 Exams Ansh Shah.

The highlight of the evening was the ‘infortainment’ programme which comprised of dances, skit, videos, and the innovative use of light to create a shadow play and a specially composed song. This was conceived by our ex teacher Maria D’Souza who helped us bring it to fruition along with videos done by our ex student Aniruddh Kothari. This was not only entertaining but informative as it emphasized the contribution of light and light based technology which touches evey aspect of our lives and culminated with a social message to consider pledging one’s eyes after death.

We have made a conscious effort to do our bit to protect the environment, so the School Annual Report instead of being printed was projected.

Change being constant, this year we experimented with a different method of prize distribution as we had over 560 prize winners. This was met with approval from many parents as it went fast and wasn’t boring. There was a houseful till the end which was noted by the principal in her vote of thanks. The function ended with our school anthem. Congratulations to our stars of the show the prize winners who upheld the motto of our school ‘Born For Greater Things’


69th Independence Day Celebrations

69 years of Independent India was celebrated by St Stanislaus High School with the hoisting of the flag by our Chief Guests, Ex-Stanisliltes and IITians, Master Vivek Arte and Master Tanuj Kaza, at 7.30 a.m.

The National Anthem was sung with great fervor by the Staff and Students accompanied by the School Band.

The Chief Guests along with our Guests of Honour, then proceeded to the hall for a cultural program which comprised of a prayer service, a play bringing out the essence of freedom  and speech on Independent  India by a Std 8 student, all emphasizing the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

JCP certificates were then handed out to our Std X boys by Mr Venkatesh Srinivasan.

The batch of 2014-15, Std X toppers, who scored above 90% were also felicitated.  The toppers shared the secret of their success with our current Std.X boys.

Our IITians, inspired the  Stanislites with speeches that drew their attention to the School Motto Born for Greater Things – a testament to what Stanislites can achieve.

The Principal, Tr. Anna ended with a vote of thanks and gave the boys two “take-aways” – The 1st  was that they should be proud to be Indians and the 2nd was the mantra “If it is to be, it is up to me”

The programme ended with the school anthem.

Parents of the top rankers were invited to a fellowship along with the staff in the school museum.



Inter-Religious Festival 2015

The Inter-religious Prayer Service was celebrated on the 14th August 2014, on the eve of Independence day.

Since  2015 is  the year of Light, the theme for that morning was” Light” – one of the oldest and most meaningful symbols found in cultures and religions worldwide – a sign of purity.

The different religions were Christianity, Hinduism,  Jainism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, and Buddhism. The  importance of Light and Holy Water in each of these religions were all portrayed with a reading from the Holy Books, a prayer dance and skits accompanied by visuals.

Deacon Ambrose Machado summed up the whole programme with the message that we are all children of “One God” and we need to join hands and stand together as ”One Body”.

The programme concluded with a vote of thanks by Fr. Andrew.

As the boys exited the hall they were given Prasad



Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola, Patron Saint of the Jesuits

The feast of St Ignatius of Loyola,Patron Saint of the Jesuits was celebrated on the 31st July 2015, with Mass, in the Church for the Catholic Students and a Prayer Service in the School Hall for the boys of other faiths.  The main celebrant was Fr. Lancy Mendonca, an ex-Stanislite .

Fr, Andrew, our Vice Principal, reminded the boys that they were born for Eternity.

The celebrations continued in the Hall which included inputs on Gurupurnima, which was also celebrated on the same day. A short video on the life of St. Ignatius was presented by the boys of the NIOS.  Non academic prizes for 2014-15 were awarded. The programme concluded with a Quiz on the Jesuit Icons.

LOVE ought to show itself in DEEDS more than in WORDS - St. Ignatius of Loyola



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