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Hindi Divas Celebrations

“हिंदुस्तान की शान है हिंदी

हर हिंदुस्तानी की पहचान है हिंदी

एकता की अनुपम परंपरा है हिंदी

हर दिल का अरमान है हिंदी||”

हिंदी दिवस के अवसर पर सेंट स्ट्निसलास हायस्कूल में हिंदी सप्ताह मनाया गया। इस सप्ताह में पाठशाला में विद्यार्थियोंने बढ चढकर भाग लिया तथा सभाएँ आयाजित की। बच्चों ने हिंदी भाषा में अपना ज्ञान प्रदर्शन किया और विभिन्न मध्यमों द्वारा हिंदी के प्रति अपना प्रेम दिखाया। दिनांक १२ सितंबर को ११ बजे से ११.४५ तक बच्चो स्कूल के सभागृह    सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम प्रस्तुत किए जो कि बहुत रोचक और ज्ञानवर्धक थे। हिंदी शिक्षक और शिक्षिकाएँ बहुत उत्साहित दिख रही थी कार्यक्रम की मुख्य आतिथि पूर्व शिक्षिका श्रीमती स्वाती डाबरे थी। उन्होनें भी बच्चो को प्रोत्साह्न देने के लिये कुछ शब्दो में अपने विचार व्यक्त किये। अंत में मुख्याध्य़ापिका श्रीमती एँना कोरिया ने कार्यक्रम में भाग लेनेवाले सभी विद्यार्थियों कि और शिक्षक तथा शिक्षिकाओं की भूरी भूरी प्रशंसा की और आभार व्यक्त किए।


155th Annual Athletic Meet 2018

The 155th Annual Athletic Meet was held in the morning at 9.15 am, on Saturday, 15th December 2018 on the school grounds.

Chief Guests, Mr. Mahesh Mayekar & Mrs. Priya Mayekar, parents of Master Saurabh Mayekar, Sports Captain, and Mrs. Mercy Gomendes, mother of the Assistant School Sports Captain, Master Darren Gomendes, were welcomed with a Guard of Honour by the Scouts.

The Chief Guest declared the Meet open after the recitation of the Sportsman’s Oath by the Sports Captain.

The event began with the March Past, races and relays for Junior, Sub-junior, Inters and Senior Stanislites along with the NIOS students, not forgetting the Ex-students race, the Parents race, the Staff’s race, the Peon’s race and a special race with our exchange students.

The highlight of this Meet was the Malkhamb Display. 

Tug-of -War was a real test of strength for the Kostka and the Xavier House with the Kostka House reigning victorious.

Trophies were presented to the winners of the various races. The March Past Trophy for this year was won by Loyola House.

The Kostka Cup awarded for the WINNING HOUSE was also bagged by the Kostka House.

 The All Round Sportsmen of the School Championship was awarded to Master Kris Albuqueroui of the Kostka House.

The Best Junior Athlete Championship was bagged by Master Arjun Jaiswal and the Most Promising Athlete was awarded to Master Naethan Pereira.

The Best Senior Athlete Championship was bagged by Master Noah D’mello, and the Sports Scholarship was awarded to Master Saurabh Mayekar.

Sports Day came to a Close with the handing over of the School emblem to the Sports Captain and a Vote of Thanks by the School Principal, Tr. Anna Correa.


Prabhat Pheri for MahaSwachh Bharat Abhiyaan

On 12th January, 2019 the seventh standard Nature Club and Scouts boys along with the Nature Club teachers participated in the Mahaswachh Bharat Abhiyan with a Prabhat Pheri from Bandra bazaar road to Jain Mandir.

The students assembled on the school ground at 7:20 am sharp and classwise marched towards the bazaar road to display the consequences of having an unclean society. Students prepared colourful charts and placards with slogan and messages highlighting the importance of a safe and clean environment. 

It was an enriching walk that strived to save nature and future. This step taken by stanislites hoped to enlighten the mind of both young and old, and make our land a better place to live in.



Fare-thee-Well Tr Yvette

The 21st of December 2018, witnessed a spectacular event in school as Tr Yvette Coutinho celebrated her 58th birthday. It was time to hang up her boots and enjoy a full time retired life thereafter.

Tr Yvette made her grand entry at 10:15 am with her family and then was escorted to the hall by the school band in full honour. The Principal, Mrs Anna Correa, Fr Malcolm and Sr Arokia accompanied her to the auditorium as the students gave Tr Yvette a standing ovation. The programme commenced with a prayer service by the PTA, followed by a cultural programme of skits, dances and songs put up by the teachers and students.

Tr Yvette expressed her thoughts and thanked the school, the students, staff and principals who she worked under for all the opportunities she had.

It was a farewell befitting for a teacher who was known for her dedication, hardwork and commitment. 


Pilgrimage and Xavier House Feast Celebration

Xavier house feast was celebrated on 3rd December 2018 with great enthusiasm. STANISLITES walked their annual pilgrimage to Mount Mary Basilica to keep the vow stanislites had taken years ago. When Bandra was scourged by plague. The feast mass was celebrated by Fr. Anil Rego. The outgoing STD X boys were blessed with special prayer for their board exam by Bishop John Rodgriuges.

The celebration in the school hall began with a short introduction on the life of St. Francis Xavier followed by a skit programme themed ‘Character in Excellence’. Prizes were awarded to the best skit from the junior and senior section.

The programme ended with the signing of School anthem followed by a vote of thanks by Principal Mrs. Anna Correa.


Exchange Program - EUMIND(EUrope Meets INDia)

St Stanislaus High School,Bandra west, is a part of EUMIND(EUrope Meets INDia) , an educational and ecological initiative between Europe and India since last 6 years.

Our international partner school is Jac P.Thijsse College,



On 12th of December 2018 a group of 15 Dutch students along with 2 of their teachers came to Mumbai as a part of this exchange. We at Stanislaus got an opportunity to show them our culture through different activities like the heritage walk in South Mumbai, a visit to different religious shrine like a Gurdwara, Siddhi Vinayak temple, Haji Ali and of course our very own St Peter's Church which is more than 150 years old. They also visited REAP at Kalwa and had a hands on experience of teaching the underprivileged children from the slum areas along with our Stanislites.

They were also a part of our annual athletic meet and the fellowship lunch which we have just before Christmas. They were amazed with all the activities held by the school and in awe of the love and care showered on them by their student host families.

With heavy hearts and tears in their eyes they bid goodbye to us on the 19th of December 2018 with a promise to return soon.

Ms Rubina Jaffer

(Teacher coordinator at St.Stanislaus High School)


HT Top Schools Award - St Stanislaus High School

St.  Stanislaus High School was honoured to be among the top schools of 2018 by Hindustan Times.  The principal Mrs Anna Correa received the HT Top Schools award at a special ceremony at the Hyatt.





Christmas Celebrations

The Grinch had this epiphany in the famous children’s story written by Dr Seuss in 1957 and the boys at St. Stanislaus High School experienced the same on 22nd December 2018 at the Christmas programme for the secondary section. The theme for the programme was ‘Jesus – The perfect gift.’

It began with the exuberant singing of Christmas carols that brought alive the joy and wonder of Christ’s birth. Music, they say, is a powerful form of worship and the school choir helped the students to pay homage to the Christ child with their exultant voices and glorious music.

The Christmas skit this year involved some time travel as the students were taken back to the very first Christmas. There, they were charmed on encountering the holy family and realised that the first and most perfect gift, given to us by God was, Jesus Christ. The boys were presented with the astonishing but viable idea of ‘being’ the gift this Christmas season rather than ‘buying’ one.

The programme was filled with unexpected and unforeseen events as the Christmas decoration came alive and began dancing! The adorable reindeers, angels, snowmen and Santa Clauses enchanted the audience of boys and teachers alike. The students were further delighted when Principal Anna gave out prizes to the best dressed boys in the audience. More awards followed for the Stan Art Project poster competition winners whose posters were chosen for the school wall. The teachers weren’t excluded either! The four winners of the Inter-school essay writing competition for teachers were awarded certificates and cheered wholeheartedly by the students. Fr. Malcolm reinforced and emphasised the true meaning of Christmas in his speech to the boys. The students left with sweets and hearts filled with the magic of Christmas.  It’s rightly said, that it is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air and on 22nd December 2018, Christmas was definitely in the air at St. Stanislaus high School.


    ‘What if Christmas, he thought, doesn’t come from a store. What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more.’

                            Dr. Seuss. (How the Grinch Stole Christmas!)


H Ward Science Exhibition 2018-19

The ‘H’ ward science exhibition for the year 2018 – 19 was held at St. Elias High School, Khar west on 11th, 12th  and 13th of December.  

The various events such as Quiz competition, Elocution, instrumental music, science club and nature club events were held a week before at various ‘H’ ward schools.

Our school took part in all the major events and were highly successful in many of them. The Stanislites did a good job and won various prizes in many events.

The junior group had a project of organic farming, and senior group had resource management as their topic.

 Jayden D. secured 1st prize in elocution competition.

Subham Mashalkar 2nd prize in music senior.

Moin Khan 2nd prize in music junior.

Nature club secured first prize in the ‘H’ ward.



SOF International English Olympiad

Chris Dias and Myron Pesso awarded a Gold Medal in the SOF International English Olympiad at the school level  under std 5 and std 9.






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