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Ignited Mind Lab Winners

The following boys were awarded with a gold medal and certificate of merit by the Ignited Mind Lab for Mental Maths Grand Finale – 2019.





Jesuit Interschool Scout Sammelan (Camporee)

The Jesuit Interschool Scout Sammelan (Camporee) was held on 16th – 17th March 2019 at St.Mary’s High School S.S.C (Mazagaon).

It was organized by Bro. Conrad Fonseca S.J and the Scout Masters/Rovers of 41st East Mumbai Troop as this year marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of St. Xavier’s High School, Fort.

Altogether five Jesuit schools including St. Stanislaus High School took part. This indeed was a great opportunity for all Scout boys to meet their peers, interact with them and take part in various Scouting activities.

The Scout boys pitched their own tents, made multi-purpose gadgets and enjoyed the campfire. At all six bases, we learnt History of Scouting, first-aid, reading of magnetic compass, estimation, knots, Moorse code signs, etc. At the end of the camp certificates were issued to all participants by former Principal of St. Stanislaus High School Rev. Fr. Jude Fernandes S.J current the Principal of St. Mary’s High School (S.S.C), Mazagaon.

We thank our Scout Master Elias Correa and Bro. Conrad Fonseca for accompanying us and special thanks to our Principal Tr. Anna Correa and the Jesuit Management for giving us this opportunity and for their constant support and guidance. It was indeed a learning experience for all of us to interact and learn more about scouting.​



S.S.C FAREWELL 2018-2019

A farewell ceremony was arranged in honour of the outgoing students of St. Stanislaus High School on the 5th of February 2019 (Tuesday).It was organised by the Teachers and Master of STD 9 and 10 along with the newly elected school council. The function began at 10:15 am with a thanksgiving prayer service, followed by a speech by outgoing school captain master Yaseen Ahmed. The students were served snacks and had lots of fun with the various game organised for them along with lots of spot prizes. The boys grew nostalgic as the watched a special video that captured their journey through their school years. The Stan Prince event was a much awaited one. The judges for this event were Ms Nisha Lobo and Ms Shona Gonsalves. The Stan Prince for the year 2018-2019 was Karan Dutt and runners up were Joshua Vaz and Krish Pinto. The programme ended with an inspiring speech given by Tr. Anna. The students proceeded to their classroom where they were given a sumptuous brunch and a bag gift from the STD 9th students and a T-Shirt by Ex students Association. The programme ended at 12:30pm.


School Council 2019 - 2020

The installation ceremony was held on 01st February 2019. The newly elected school council members were bestowed with Sashes and Badges by the Principal Tr Anna Correa and Rev Fr Malcolm.

The newly elected school council members are as follows –

School Captain                                                           Aaiyaan Chataiwala

Assistant School Captain                                          Glen D’Mello

Britto House

Captain                                                                         Ayush Sajit

Assistant Captain                                                        Aaron D’costa

Loyola House

Captain                                                                         Devansh Thakkar

Assistant Captain                                                        Kyle Coutinho

Xavier House

Captain                                                                         Tanish Jain

Assistant Captain                                                        Branch Matthew

Kostka House

Captain                                                                         Ayman Mithal

Assistant Captain                                                        Heet Mehta

Sports Captain                                                              Kyle Justin

Assistant Sports Captain                                             Aaron Joseph


Head Leader                                                                 Myron Pesso

Assistant Head Leader                                                Zidane Sayyed

Assistant Head Leader                                                Durwin Britto

Best wishes to the school council for the year 2019 – 2020.



On the 26th of February 2019, the outstanding ASP projects were displayed at an exhibition in the Arrupe hall.  The display also showcased the creative work done by students during their talent search and art and craft periods.  Fr Ambrose Machado, our Treasurer and Mrs Jennifer Pereira, our primary Headmistress viewed and and  judged the exhibits.


A visit to Red FM

The film and media club organised a trip to Red FM, Lower Parel on the 26th March, 2019.  Sir Roger accompanied 15 boys from Std 9 to the studio.

The boys first had a look at the main office to get an idea how a radio station functions. Then they went to the canteen and met many RJ’S like RJ- J-man, RJ-Shreya, and RJ-Sapna Bhatt etc. The radio jockeys were very free-spirited and the students had great fun singing, beat-boxing, rapping etc. with them.

Later they were taken to radio station Magic 106.4  je le Zara and were shown how recordings are made and broadcasted.

The students got the chance to wish the 10th STD students who were appearing for their board exams .The RJ showed them how to speak on the radio and the boys were recorded singing, rapping and beat-boxing.

Sir Roger was asked a few questions too and it was broadcast the next day on the radio between 9 to 11am

The students had a wonderful experience and received great exposure to the vibrant world of radio broadcasting.



Marathi Divas Celebrations

St. Stanislaus High School celebrated Marathi Week from 18th February to 27th February 2019. During this week boys made beautiful charts on poems, stories, cleanliness and other topics and displayed them in their classrooms and on the notice boards. During this week the assemblies were prepared in Marathi. The boys practiced enthusiastically for ‘Marathi Diwas’.

The ‘Marathi Divas’ program was held on the 27th of February from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45p.m. in the school hall. The chief guest for the program was Miss Ulka Khanolkar, a former Marathi teacher of the school. `



Florrie Sopher Inter School English Elocution Competition

St Stanislaus High School won the Florrie Sopher Inter School English Elocution Competition on 13th February 2019 with Masters Jadyn Defigueredo and Ethan Fernandes tied in 1st place and Master Kaide in 3rd place in juniors category. Master Justin Lopes won the consolation prize in the seniors category.




The Film and Media (F.M.) club boys were super excited when they heard about the trip to SJ studios for the shooting of a television serial. 30 boys along with 2 teachers reached SJ Studios and into the world of movies and serials. Mr Mushtaq Sheikh was the person to show us around the studio.He is a famous script – writer who has written popular films like Om Shanti Om, and Billu barber.

Mr.Mushtaq Sheikh in his small speech gave them a basic understanding of how shooting is done. They were all sitting in a room which looked like a living room with beautiful paintings and artefacts. Mushtaq sir explained to them how each room is a part of the Television show “Yeh Hain Mohabattain” which is a Balaji production.

He gave them basic information about how many workers work on the show and how they create this entertaining world each day without fail. The group was then taken to the shooting set. Live shooting was taking place and there was a buzz in the air and a general rush too. The technicians were running around. There were huge lights placed every where. There were make up artistes and actors. And finally there was the director sitting on a chair shouting Lights! Camera! Action! 

There was chaos around but the moment the director said the three words there was pin drop silence. Once the camera rolled the boys saw veteran actress Sudha Chandran act and say her dialogues. One day at the shooting made the boys realise the kind of hard work, dedication and discipline that these talented people put so that the public can get entertained. The boys and teachers took pictures with the actors which would be treasured for a lifetime.

This visit was an eye-opener as the students realised that making movies and making serials is an art form. It’s not only difficult but at the same time there are many people who put their minds, hard work and dedication to bring this world of entertainment alive.




A Visit to the Times of India Printing Press

On 23rd February the Film and Media Club boys visited the Times of India Printing Press accompanied by two Teachers and a parent.

They reached the press at 9:40am and after receiving visit passes, they were taken inside and given tea and snacks.

The students were shown a presentation about how the newspaper is made and the different stages it goes through and the different departments involved. The most awaited and interesting part was when they took the boys to the printing press floor where the actual printing work is carried out. It is a fully automated process and the paper is not touched by human hands during the entire process. This press is Asia’s 1st automated plant.  

It was a great opportunity for the boys as they now know how the newspaper they see daily comes about.




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