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The Film and Media (F.M.) club boys were super excited when they heard about the trip to SJ studios for the shooting of a television serial. 30 boys along with 2 teachers reached SJ Studios and into the world of movies and serials. Mr Mushtaq Sheikh was the person to show us around the studio.He is a famous script – writer who has written popular films like Om Shanti Om, and Billu barber.

Mr.Mushtaq Sheikh in his small speech gave them a basic understanding of how shooting is done. They were all sitting in a room which looked like a living room with beautiful paintings and artefacts. Mushtaq sir explained to them how each room is a part of the Television show “Yeh Hain Mohabattain” which is a Balaji production.

He gave them basic information about how many workers work on the show and how they create this entertaining world each day without fail. The group was then taken to the shooting set. Live shooting was taking place and there was a buzz in the air and a general rush too. The technicians were running around. There were huge lights placed every where. There were make up artistes and actors. And finally there was the director sitting on a chair shouting Lights! Camera! Action! 

There was chaos around but the moment the director said the three words there was pin drop silence. Once the camera rolled the boys saw veteran actress Sudha Chandran act and say her dialogues. One day at the shooting made the boys realise the kind of hard work, dedication and discipline that these talented people put so that the public can get entertained. The boys and teachers took pictures with the actors which would be treasured for a lifetime.

This visit was an eye-opener as the students realised that making movies and making serials is an art form. It’s not only difficult but at the same time there are many people who put their minds, hard work and dedication to bring this world of entertainment alive.




A Visit to the Times of India Printing Press

On 23rd February the Film and Media Club boys visited the Times of India Printing Press accompanied by two Teachers and a parent.

They reached the press at 9:40am and after receiving visit passes, they were taken inside and given tea and snacks.

The students were shown a presentation about how the newspaper is made and the different stages it goes through and the different departments involved. The most awaited and interesting part was when they took the boys to the printing press floor where the actual printing work is carried out. It is a fully automated process and the paper is not touched by human hands during the entire process. This press is Asia’s 1st automated plant.  

It was a great opportunity for the boys as they now know how the newspaper they see daily comes about.



Britto House Feast Celebrations

With the coming of February every Stanislite gears up to celebrate the feast of St. John de Britto the patron saint of the Britto House.

This year we celebrated the feast on 1st February. The celebration of the feast began with a solemn Eucharistic Mass. Our main celebrant, Fr. Ivan D’souza shed light on true Christian faith and how we must achieve it.

A small cultural programme was held in the school hall. The prayer dance and the skit based on the persecution in today's world and how we must protest and put an end to it.

Prizes were given to the best chart for classes of each standard followed with a vote of thanks by our Supervisor.

Masters Aiyaan Chataiwala and Ethan Fernandes were the compere for the day.

With the solemn investiture ceremony we ended our Britto House Feast Celebration.


Karate Champions

The Karate Champs of our School won the following prizes -

Masters Memorial Cup 2019 -
Muzammil Arsad Ansari secured the 1st place along with Gold medal.
24th Asian/International WFSKO Open Karate Championship -
Pawaskar Hussain, Vadval Samuel and Vadval Emmanuel were awarded Bronze medal.

Scout Camp to Khapoli

The scout boys of Std.8th and 9th went for a scout camp to Khapoli on 17th Feb to 19th Feb. We assembled in the school and left at about 6:30am by bus to reach the Nature Hunt Campsite by 9:00am. We started our camp with flag hoisting followed by a session on hand and whistle signals. In the afternoon, we had another session on First-Aid. Later, in the evening, a campfire was organised in which we performed many amazing activities. The next day started at 6:00am. We had the Scout exercise and then we went for trekking to a battlefield called Umberkhind where Shivaji Maharaj won the battle against the Mughuls. We returned to the campsite and had the flag hoisting event. Then, we were taken for many adventure activities like Commando bridge, Monkey crawl, Archery, Rifle shooting, Zip line, Rope- walk, etc. Then, in the evening, we had jungle cooking followed by the grand campfire in which we sang songs, performed skits that were value-based and learnt many different types of claps. The next day, began with a uniform inspection, patrol corner inspection, knotting session in which we learnt Lashing and Whipping. We also learnt tent pitching. The fun was the rain dance! We left the campsite by 4:00pm and reached school at 7:00pm. We all had a lot of fun and enjoyment at the camp. We thank Tr. Anna, our principal, for giving us this awesome opportunity. We also thank Brother Conrad, Sir Elias, Sir Titus and the two parents who accompanied us.

All is well that ends well!!                                 


Best Scouting School – St Stanislaus for the 8th time in a row

22nd February is celebrated as Thinking Day all over the world. It is the birthday of the Scout and Guide Founder Lord Baden Powell. On 22nd February, Thinking Day was celebrated at west Mumbai Suburban Scout and Guide District Office at Juhu.

St Stanislaus High School was declared the Best Scouting School in the west Mumbai suburb. This trophy has been bagged 8 times in a row.

St Stanislaus also won the second highest Khari Kamai Trophy 2018 – 2019.

The seven scout boys who participated in the Sixth Maharashtra Camporee were felicitated. They were gifted track suits and caps by the Guest of Honour M S Prema Kotian.


Visit to the Bandra Court

On 16th February, the citizenship club boys went for an educational trip to the Bandra Court. The boys had the opportunity to visit the criminal court there. All knowledge and guidance about the different functions of the court was given to them by Advocate Mr. Shane Cardoz.

The boys first went to the court room and learned the role of every member in the court. The Judge, the typist, the lawyer, police inspector and accused all had a specific place to sit on. Next they went to the court room where an actual case hearing was taking place. Mr. Cardoz also took the students to the Bar room, where the advocate sit with their clients and discuss their case. The Advocates were pleased to have us there for an educational visit since Stanislaus was the first school to ever do something like this. Mr. Cardoz then showed the boys his license, shared his personal experience and gave notable information on the questions asked by the boys. It was definitely an enriching and meaningful experience.


All India Desh Apnayen Actizen Contest

Hamdan Khan from 7-A was awarded for being the second runner up in the All India Desh Apnayen Actizen Contest. 


Cricket Maestro - Arjun Jaiswal

Arjun scored 102 Not Out in 48 balls playing for MIG in under 12 age group in the semi final of a 20 over tournament at Vile Parle and was involved in 234 run opening partnership.

Their team scored 234 for 0 in 20 overs with both openers remaining not out. They won the match by 110 runs. Both the boys got man of match award for their innings.

The next match is on Wednesday at Virar and the final tournamnet is on coming Sunday.


Scout Sports Champion 2018 - 2019

Scout sports day was held at West Mumbai Suburb district ground Juhu on 30th January 2019.

The following prizes were bagged by our boys:

  • U/16 - 100 mtrs

First Place - Kyle Justin

Second Place - Kris Albuqueroui

  • U/14 - 100 mtrs

Second Place - Ethan Falcon

Third Place - Cristiano Correa

  • U/12 - 75 mtrs

First Place - Kyle Justin

Second Place - Zachary

  • U/14 - Shotput

First Place - Myron Pesso

  • U/16 - Shotput

Second Place - Krish Pinto





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