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Inter-House Debate Competition 2017

The Inter-House Debate was held on the 25th November 2017. Current and relevant topics were debated by the 4 houses. Putting forward their views and counterviews on whether India should have a uniform education system were the Loyola and Xavier houses. Hotly debating whether CCTV’s should be installed in the classrooms were the Britto and Kostka houses. Our judges were Ms. Jisha Shivdas of Apostolic Carmel Convent and Ms. Desiree Fernandes from St. Stanislaus International School. They had a very tough time deciding a winner. The Xavier house emerged winners of the Debate and was represented by Reuben D’souza, Amir Zakaria, Myron Pesso and Leroy Menezes. Aaron DeMello of the Britto house was judged the ‘Best Speaker’ of Debate. The session concluded with our Principal Tr. Anna proposing the Vote of thanks.


STD 10 : Prelims Timetable ( December - January 2017-18)

Date  Day Time Marks Subjects
 15th December 2017 Friday 9 to 12 pm  80 Marathi External prelim
16th December 2017 Saturday During class hours      20+20    - Maths MCQS
17th December 2017 Sunday      
18th  December 2017 Monday  9 am - 11 am 40 ICT
19th December 2017 Tuesday  9 am - 11 am 50 Work Education
20th   December 2017 Wednesday 9 am - 11.00 am 50 PD
    11.15 am - 12.00 pm 25 PT
21st December 2017  Thursday Christmas  Celebration    
               -                  --
22rd December 2017  to 2nd  January   2018    Christmas vacation 
3rd  January 2018 Wednesday School as usual          -                  --
5th  January 2018 Friday  9 am - 11 am 40 Histroy/Poli.sci
6th January 2018 Saturday 9 am -12 pm  80 Hindi/Hindi Composite
7th January 2018 Sunday Study Holiday    
8th January 2018 Monday  9 am - 11 am 40 Science  II
9th January 2018 Tuesday 9 am -12 pm  80 English
10th January 2018 Wednesday  9 am - 11 am 40 Geography-Ecomonics
11th January 2018 Thursday Study Holiday    
12th January 2018 Friday  9 am - 11 am 40 Maths  I
13th January 2018 Saturday 9 am -12 pm  80                  Marathi
14h January 2018 Sunday Study Holiday    
15th January 2018 Monday  9 am - 11 am 40 Maths  II
16th January 2018 Tuesday  9 am - 11 am 40 Science  I
17th January 2018 Wednesday 9am to 3.45 pm    Language orals + Sci-Practicals
18th January 2018 Thursday  9 am - 11 am 40 French Composite
17th January 2018 Language orals and science practicals


  1. Portion is given in the almanac.
  2. Confirm the portion and the outline with the subject teachers.
  3. For other details open Koolkampus site
  4. Second Marathi External Exam will be on 24th January 2018

STD 9: Second Unit Test Time Table (January 2017-18)







19th January 2018



9.00 – a.m.


10.45 – 11.45 a.m.






History-Pol Science



20th January 2018






          9.00 – 10. a.m.


10.45 – 11.45 a.m.






Maths 1


Science 2


22nd  January 2018





           9.00 – 10 a.m.


10.45 – 11.45 a.m.







Science 1



23rd  January 2018






           9.00 – 10 a.m.


10.45 – 11.45 a.m





Hindi/Hindi Composite


24th  January 2018


9.00 – 10 a.m.


       10.45 – 11.45 a.m



Maths- 2


French composite

Note: Confirm the portion and the outline with the subject teachers. For other details open Koolkampus website


Children’s Day and Kostka Feast Celebration 2017

The feast of St Stanislaus Kostka, Patron Saint of our school and the Kostka House was celebrated on 14th November 2017, with a Eucharistic celebration. Fr. John Cyriac , was the chief celebrant. He told a small story on how ST.STANISLAUS KOSTKA was able to do right things in his life by following a simple objective of FOCUS. The word FOCUS means:

  • F –  Finding Out
  • O – Organisation
  • C –  Clarification
  • U –  Understanding
  • S –  Selection

Children’s day celebrations, held on the same day, in the School Hall commenced with an introductory followed by a prayer service.

 The topic of the prayer service was – You are the rainbow of our lives.

There was a short film on the life of ST.STANISLAUS KOSTKA followed by a skit presented by the PTA members on the topic – Identify Yourself.

The dance performances presented by teachers and students, was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The celebrations concluded with a Vote of thanks given by Fr. Andrew, followed by the introduction of our new Vice Principal Fr. Malcolm Nato S.J.

Manmad Trip

St Stanislaus High School was happy to welcome the students of St Xavier’s High School, Manmad who came to visit Mumbai on November 3rd.  Fifty boys and girls along with Brother Wenscel Lemos and two teachers were taken for a Mumbai darshan.  They visited the aquarium, Gateway of India, Marine Drive and experienced all the sights and sounds of the metropolis.  The Manmad students thoroughly enjoyed themselves at Tiku-ji-ni- wadi, an amusement park in Thane, where they went on all the water slides and splashed about in the water pools and glided down the lazy river.  They were also taken on a walk round Bandra, where they offered prayers at the Basilica of Mount Mary, strolled down Bandstand and admired the homes of the superstars Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan.  They also managed to play an intense football match with our very own Stanislites.  Our boys hope to visit their school in Manmad very soon.


St. Stanislaus wins Gold at the State Level YMCA Meet

Our Under 12 Athletic Team of Cristiano Corriea, Calvin Dsouza, Jayden Pereira and Arjun Jayswal wins the Gold in the 4*100 Relay at the State Level YMCA Meet clocking the best state timing of the year.


The 154th Annual Day Celebrations

The 154th Annual Day Celebrations of St. Stanislaus High School was held on 9th September 2017.

The Chief Guests were Mr. & Mrs. Vaz, Parents of our current School Captain, Master Elvis Vaz and our Guest of  Honour was Mrs. Smita Jadhav, Mother of Master Ojas Jadhav, top ranker of the School at the SSC Boad Exam, March 2017.

The Comperes for the function were, Master Elvis Vaz and Master Joshua Sequeira.

The function began with the lighting of the lamp followed a brief introduction of the guests and presentation of the token of appreciation.  

The cultural program.  brought out the theme “Called to Serve", which was a gentle reminder  that 'Humanity' is the only religion for us to follow and that our age or our social status should not stop us from serving others.  

The Chief Guest was invited to speak and this was followed by the much awaited and most important part of the function, the presentation of the certificates.

A total of 650 certificates of achievement were presented to the students


Adieu Tr. Rebecca Dmello

With heavy hearts, the Staff of the Stanislaus Parivar bid Tr. Rebecca Dmello adieu on Saturday, 14 October 2017 on her completion of 15 years of service.

A small felicitation program was held to express their appreciation and gratitude for her contribution and service to the School.

Speeches by Fr. Lawrie Ferrao, Ex- Principal, Ex-Teachers Tr. Thelma Misquitta and Tr. Anita Advani, Mrs. Sandra Patel, Ex-PTA and Principal Tr. Anna Correa added to the sentiment of the day.


Happy Birthday Principal Anna

Principal Anna Correa birthday celebrations on the 7th September 2017 began with an intercom assembly.

The Council members, on behalf of the students presented her with a floral bouquet and card.

Fr. Andrew s.j., Vice Principal, serenaded Principal Anna with a birthday song, and thanked her for her dedicated service to this Institution.

Tr. Nikita spoke about Principal Anna`s great personality as a Principal, Mother, Mentor, Sister and a friend - ‘An Iron Woman ‘ who brings joy and happiness to all.

During the short recess the Jesuit community along with teachers, masters, PTA members, ex-teachers and well-wishers gathered in the Staff Room to celebrate her birthday.


Farewell Mr. Pius Almeida

The Stanislaus Parivar bid farewell to Mr Pius Almeida who for 33 years was an integral part of the Secondary Office. 

The programme started with a  prayer service  followed by performances by the students and teachers.

A PowerPoint presentation captured the golden moments of Master Pius’s life.

The teachers put together a small skit and dances based on Pius’ years at St. Stanislaus.

The PTA, Staff and students stole his heart through their cards and good wishes.

A farewell speech was delivered by Principal Anna Correa.



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