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St. Stanislaus School launches FIH approved Sports Complex

Founded in 1863, St Stanislaus High School has risen to become one of the leading educational institutions in Mumbai. Not only are they leading in academic standards but also in the sports sector. St. Stanislaus has produced many international hockey stars. And to take this legacy ahead and provide the students with world class facilities, the School inaugurated the St. Stanislaus Sports Complex, which boasts an International Standard FIH approved Edelgrass hockey turf and a portable 200 m synthetic athletic track, with a prayer for God’s blessings!

Speaking on the occasion, Father Frazer said, “Our students have the same potential that the earlier international players from St. Stanislaus displayed. They therefore deserve the best international infrastructure, which we are pleased to say, Astro Sports has achieved.”

“No School can afford to rest on its laurels and by the addition of this world class Astroturf to our sports facilities, I am sure St. Stanislaus High School will reach even greater heights in its sporting achievements”, declares Principal Anna Correa.

The school organised an inter school exhibition tournament for School Girls and School Boys from Bandra. Noted schools like Duruelo Convent High School, St Joseph’s High School, Mount Mary Convent High School, St. Stanislaus High School, St Andrew’s High School, St Teresa’s High School and St Aloysius High School sent their students to participate in the tournament. These Under – 14 children were seen enjoying the new facility by playing hockey on 4 different pitches simultaneously.

An Under – 16 exhibition match was also played between Don Bosco High School, Matunga and St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra. The Jesuit Management had appointed a special selection committee which had noted dignitaries like Mr. Joaquim Carvalho, Olympian and Arjuna Awardee, along with Mr. Viren Rasquinha and Marcellus Gomes – both renowned international hockey players, and it was their expertise which helped to get the setup done along with the technical expertise of “Astro Sports Pvt Ltd"

Later, a friendly exhibition match was organised between Ex – Hockey stars where Viren Rasquinha, Dhanraj Pillai, Marcellus Gomes, Adrian D'Souza, Rahul Singh, Devindar Walmiki, Edgar Mascarenhas and Rajat Sharma played to support and encourage our youth to participate and excel in sports!

Mervyn Fernandes, Gurbax Singh Grewal and Dr. Vece Paes also attended the launch event.

Synthetic grass (Edelgrass Turf) enables players to practice in the four months of the monsoon too and it also reduces the chances of injury. Another hockey great, Dhanraj Pillai, felt that ``a great beginning has been made''.

``The thickness of the turf at MHA is 12 mm whereas the turf at St. Stanislaus High school is ....... mm thick,'' said Jigar, Pratik & Nikhil, representatives from Astro Sports Pvt. Ltd. who helped the school set up the Sports Complex. According to them, the turf at St. Stanislaus School was laid keeping in mind that this turf can also be used for other sports like football, cricket etc which would be a good option for the entire community to come and play together resulting in enhancing their skills in various sports. In the second phase, we will also be installing a state of the art basketball court which can be also be used for futsal and other sports.

Spread across 38,250 square feet, this hockey turf is designed as per international standards suited for the children and residents residing at Bandra and around Mumbai.  Through this ambitious project, St. Stanislaus Sports Complex, looks to cater to the hockey, basketball, cricket and football enthusiasts of Mumbai at large, from the age of 5  and above.

 ‘We strive to set higher standards and quality, time and again, so that you get the best experience and don't have to settle for anything less,’ say  Jigar Doshi, Nikhil Sachdev & Pratik Doshi from Astro Sports. Pvt. Ltd.”.

Welcome to St. Stanislaus Sports Complex.

Mumbai - December 10, 2017


Stanislites selected for NELTSAS ECAT Grand Finale 2017-18

ECAT (English Competency Analytical Test) is an assessment tool that assesses the knowledge, understanding and application of skills like reading comprehension, formal and functional grammar, language usage, vocabulary and reasoning. ECAT is an English language assessment blended with National Level competition taken by thousands of students every year. Learn More



Lecture on Composting

On Saturday, the 17th December, 2017, a lecture was initiated by the Principal of St. Stanislaus school, Madam Anna Correa, on composting. Members of a group called GVMB ( in marathi-Gacchi Varchi Mativirahit Baug-terrace gardening without the use of mud) had come over to show practicals to the students of VIII Standard alongwith a parent-Smt. Vrunda Girish Dighe, Arya Dighe’s mother.

Initially, the Principal madam introduced the group to the students .Then, Vrunda explained the presentation that she had made on composting to the students and then the done.

The students also actively participted in the discussion and asked various questions which were answered by Vrunda. Towards the end of each lecture, the group showed practicals to the students. The students very enthusiastically participated in this program. They also said that some of them were already doing composting and asked doubts about the same.

Lastly, the group gave a feedback to the Principal Madam and she was very enthusiastic towards recycling of waste. She also expressed her eagerness to continue to nurture the interest of the students in the conversation of nature by holding more such programs.


H Ward Science Exhibition

H – Ward Science Exhibition was held on 6th, 7th and 8th December 2017 at Sacred Heart Boys School Santacruz. Our school participated whole heartedly in various activities of the H – Ward.

Our school sent 2 exhibits – one in the senior category and the other in the junior category. Master Salil Prabhu and Master Ahmad Yasin in the senior category chose the theme “Solid and Liquid Waste Management” and made a working model of how the household waste can be utilized. They titled it as “Your Waste Not Wasted”. They were guided by Tr. Deepali Naik.

Master Devansh Thakkar and Master Kashif Weldon in the junior category chose the theme “Transport and Communication” and made a working model of how vehicles communicate with each other. They titled it as “V to V Communication”. They won the third place in the H – Ward. They were guided by Tr. Lakshmi V.

The other prizes won were:-

  1. Aamir Zakaria – Won 1st place in senior category for elocution.
  2. Sherwin Remos – Won 3rd place in junior category for elocution.
  3. Ibrahim Khalil – Won 1st place in junior category quiz competition.

Stanislaus Wins Junior Aga Khan Hockey Trophy

Our Under 16 Hockey Team won the prestigious Aga Khan Trophy beating arch rivals and nemesis of the past Don Bosco 2-1 in the finals.

WIth this win the team has emulated and upheld the rich hockey tradition of St. Stanislaus High School.

Congratulations to the team, the coaches, managers and teachers and Principal.


Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Fr Andrew

On 29th November 2017, the Stanislaus Parivar bid farewell to Fr. Andrew Rodrigues S.J. who for 8 years was an integral part of the Stanislaus Parivar

A small farewell programme was conducted by the teachers to show their gratitude and appreciation towards him. The programme started with a prayer service followed by performances by students and teachers.

A PowerPoint presentation captured the golden moments of Fr. Andrew’s life.

The teachers of all sections and PTA members presented dance performances for him. There was a small performance by our school band competition winners.

The PTA, Staff and students stole his heart through their cards and good wishes .Fr. Andrew gave a small speech on how he appreciated the efforts put in by the students, teachers, and PTA member. He also spoke about how great he felt to have people who love and respect him so much. He also said he will surely miss the whole Stanislaus parivar and will always be a part of it.

A farewell speech was delivered by Principal Anna Correa.


Pilgrimage and Xavier house 8th December 2017

Following tradition, Stanislites walked their way to Mount Mary’s Basilica on Friday, 8thDecember 2017 for a Eucharistic celebration.

This pilgrimage is held annually to commemorate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary and to follow the vow Stanislites had taken years ago, when Bandra was scourged by plague. We also celebrated the Feast of our great Jesuit Saint, Saint Francis Xavier.

Fr Malcolm Nato S.J, our new vice principal was the Main Celebrant.   At the service STD X students received a special blessing for good health and strength to face life’s challenges especially the forthcoming SSC examination. 

At the end of the Mass the students were treated to a snack and a celebration of the Xavier House Feast in the school

The celebration in the school hall began with a prayer service.

A hymn in honour of St. Francis Xavier was sung in Konkani by the Teachers along with the boys and a movie was shown on the life of St. Francis Xavier.  An entertaining dance and a skit were performed by the students.

Prizes were awarded to the best classes for their Chart displays.

The programme concluded with the singing of the School Anthem followed by a Vote of thanks by Principal Anna.


154th Annual Athletic Meet 2017

The 154th Annual Athletic Meet was held in the morning at 9.15 a.m, on Saturday, 2nd December 2017 on the school grounds.

Chief Guests, Mr. Uday Kadam & Mrs. Neha Kadam, parents of Master Amey Kadam, Sports Captain, and Mr. Dinesh Jain & Mrs. Rita Jain, parents of the Assistant School Sports Captain, Master Naman Jain, were welcomed with a Guard of Honour by the Scouts.

The Chief Guest declared the Meet open after the recitation of the Sportsman’s Oath by the Sports Captain.

The event began with the March Past, races and relays for Junior, Sub-junior, Inters and Senior Stanislites along with the NIOS students, not forgetting the Ex-students race, the Parents race, the Staff and the Peon’s race. The highlight of this Meet was the Malkhamb Display.   

Tug-of –War was a real test of strength for the Britto and the Xavier House with the Xavier House reigning victorious.

Trophies were presented to the winners of the various races.

The March Past Trophy for this year was won by Britto House.

The Kostka Cup awarded for the WINNING HOUSE was also bagged by the Britto House.

 The All Round Sportsmen of the School Championship was awarded to Master Amey Kadam of the Britto House.

The Best Junior Athlete Championship was bagged by Master Christiano Correia and the Most Promising Athlete was awarded to Master Calvin D’souza

The Best Senior Athlete Championship was bagged by Master Saurabh Gupta, and the Sports Scholarship was awarded to Master Calvin D’silva

Sports Day came to a Close with the handing over of the School emblem to the Sports Captain and a Vote of Thanks by the School Principal, Tr. Anna Correa.


Inter-House Debate Competition 2017

The Inter-House Debate was held on the 25th November 2017. Current and relevant topics were debated by the 4 houses. Putting forward their views and counterviews on whether India should have a uniform education system were the Loyola and Xavier houses. Hotly debating whether CCTV’s should be installed in the classrooms were the Britto and Kostka houses. Our judges were Ms. Jisha Shivdas of Apostolic Carmel Convent and Ms. Desiree Fernandes from St. Stanislaus International School. They had a very tough time deciding a winner. The Xavier house emerged winners of the Debate and was represented by Reuben D’souza, Amir Zakaria, Myron Pesso and Leroy Menezes. Aaron DeMello of the Britto house was judged the ‘Best Speaker’ of Debate. The session concluded with our Principal Tr. Anna proposing the Vote of thanks.


STD 10 : Prelims Timetable ( December - January 2017-18)

Date  Day Time Marks Subjects
 15th December 2017 Friday 9 to 12 pm  80 Marathi External prelim
16th December 2017 Saturday During class hours      20+20    - Maths MCQS
17th December 2017 Sunday      
18th  December 2017 Monday  9 am - 11 am 40 ICT
19th December 2017 Tuesday  9 am - 11 am 50 Work Education
20th   December 2017 Wednesday 9 am - 11.00 am 50 PD
    11.15 am - 12.00 pm 25 PT
21st December 2017  Thursday Christmas  Celebration    
               -                  --
22rd December 2017  to 2nd  January   2018    Christmas vacation 
3rd  January 2018 Wednesday School as usual          -                  --
5th  January 2018 Friday  9 am - 11 am 40 Histroy/Poli.sci
6th January 2018 Saturday 9 am -12 pm  80 Hindi/Hindi Composite
7th January 2018 Sunday Study Holiday    
8th January 2018 Monday  9 am - 11 am 40 Science  II
9th January 2018 Tuesday 9 am -12 pm  80 English
10th January 2018 Wednesday  9 am - 11 am 40 Geography-Ecomonics
11th January 2018 Thursday Study Holiday    
12th January 2018 Friday  9 am - 11 am 40 Maths  I
13th January 2018 Saturday 9 am -12 pm  80                  Marathi
14h January 2018 Sunday Study Holiday    
15th January 2018 Monday  9 am - 11 am 40 Maths  II
16th January 2018 Tuesday  9 am - 11 am 40 Science  I
17th January 2018 Wednesday 9am to 3.45 pm    Language orals + Sci-Practicals
18th January 2018 Thursday  9 am - 11 am 40 French Composite
17th January 2018 Language orals and science practicals


  1. Portion is given in the almanac.
  2. Confirm the portion and the outline with the subject teachers.
  3. For other details open Koolkampus site
  4. Second Marathi External Exam will be on 24th January 2018


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