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Introducing Citizenship Club

On 10th September, 2018, a new club known as the citizenship club was introduced to the students of standard 8. This club fosters the importance of understanding our roles as citizens of India. It invites students to voluntarily participate in civic services.

To understand the purpose of starting up this club Mr. Ryan D’mello, a Program Manager at ‘Desh Apnayen’ took our students through a session held in the Arupe Hall. This session enlightened the students on what true citizenship comprises of. With the help of an interesting powerpoint presentation and a meaningful video, the students were able to learn the need for such a club in our school and society.This club will therefore help our students understand their role as citizens of India and allow them to make rational decisions towards our society. 


Let us Pledge to CARE FOR CREATION - Annual Prize Day

‘Each of us has a personal responsibility to care for creation, this precious gift which God has entrusted to us.’Pope Francis.

The Holy Father in his encyclical ‘Laudato si’ has called on all to care for our common home. At St. Stanislaus high school, we have taken this message to heart and hence chose “Care for Creation” as our theme for the year 2018-2019.

On 1st September 2018, the 155thAnnual Awards Day programme expressed this message beautifully in the form of dance and drama. The evening started off with a grand welcome to the chief guests –Dr. Shariq Nisar and Mrs. Rabia Khan, the parents of School Captain Master Ahmad Yasin; Mr.Kiran and Mrs. Hetal Nisar, the parents of Master Hemal Nisar who was the school topper at the S.S.C. Board Exam, March 2018

The creation story was conveyed in the form of a contemporary style dance depicting the elements air, water and land which brought to mind the purity and majesty of God’s wonderful gift to us.

Humanity’s total disregard and abuse of Mother Earth was portrayed in the form of a musicalwith a dialogue between the Earth, endangered species and Stanislite boys. The audience comprising of students, parents and teachers were enthralled with the beautiful singing, colourful costumes and excellent acting. The musical communicated the simple yet potent message of taking personal responsibility and stewardship of God’s creation. Through the examples of the SSCP outreach program it motivated and urged all those present to be part of the solution rather than the problem.

The next part of the programme was the much awaited felicitation of the previous academic year’s prize winners from classes 6 to 10. The chief guests awarded the prize winners their certificates with the audience applauding them and the parents looking on with great pride. Such a fantastic way to be recognised and appreciated for their earnest endeavours!

The evening ended with a vote of thanks by the Vice- Principal, Fr. Malcolm Nato and the school anthem sung with great pride and joy. The inspirational takeaway from the evening can be eloquently summed up in the following quote from the Bible:

“Treat the earth as if your life depends upon it.”

Genesis 2:15



National Kick Boxing Championship 2018

Kewal Agarwadkar secured Gold medal in the National Kick Boxing Championship 2018.







Bandra Gym Elocution Competition

Winners of the Bandra Gym Elocution Competition -

  • Joshua Vaz
  • Krish Pinto
  • Aaron D’mello
  • Ethan Fernandes
  • Jadyn Defigueiredo




Independence Day Celebration

On 15th August, 2018 St Stanislaus High School celebrated Independence Day with great patriotism. The celebration began with the flag hoisting by our Principal, Tr. Anna, Fr. Malcolm and Sr. Arockia and our chief guest for this day, Peter DeSouza. The boys then started moving towards to School Hall where the celebration began.

A very inspiring speech was given by Vansh Mandot from STD 8, highlighted the efforts of our freedom fighters who contributed to bringing freedom to our nation. Next, the STD 6 boys sang a Hindi patriotic song which was followed by a solo song, ‘Rang De Basanti’ sung by Jay Shinde.

A thought provoking skit was then enacted by the students of STD 8 on the ‘Life of Soldiers’.



Monsoon Hike to Vajreshwari

On 17th August 2018, the nature club boys went for an educational trip a monsoon hike to Vajreshwari.

They got a firsthand experience of rice transplantation in marshy rice fields and the boys also visited a village school at Shiravali and gained knowledge about Vermicompost.





Aaron Fernandes





Feast Of St. Ignatius Of Loyola

‘Ad Majoreim Dei Gloriam’ The Feast of St. Ignatius of Loyola is a day of great joy and celebration for the Jesuits all over the world. As a Jesuit school, we too, celebrate this feast every year with great pomp.

Our school, this year, took part in a Global Video Conference, held a bookmark competition, a special canteen, and of course, the feast. The global video conference was with five other Jesuit schools, around the world. The students discussed on the idea of ‘What one would ask St. Ignatius of Loyola if he were alive today.’ The celebrations continued with a canteen organized by our Std. 9 teachers and students. On that same day, our school council organized an exciting football match between the school staff and the student council. The feast of St. Ignatius held everyone’s breath high. The day began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist.

The program in the auditorium started with an innovative skit in the format of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ with a godly twist. It was called ‘Who wants to make a God Decision’ hosted by St. Ignatius himself.  It displayed the values of the church. The School Band who call themselves ‘The Rhythmic Gang’ performed a rock and country medley. The program ended with the distribution of the non-academic prizes and a vote of thanks by our Principal Tr. Anna Correa. It was a day enjoyed by everyone and the students left with a valuable message to take home.


Inter Religious Prayer Service

‘The ultimate religion a man needs is HUMANITY’ An Inter-religious prayer service was organized on 14th August 2018 for the students. The purpose for organizing an inter-religious prayer service was to make children realise the importance of the greatest religion-HUMANITY. It started with the lighting of the lamp which indicates a light of hope in this dark and unreal world. Then some information was given on Humanity and prayer. A skit was performed showing that when religious leaders ignore a man who is badly injured, some poor farmers help him out of sympathy. It portrayed the fact that the goodness of a person is not determined by the post he holds, but by his thoughts and actions. Also, it was shown that people always try to find god in different religious places, but your deeds are more important because God is everywhere.  Some religious hymns were sung related to the topic. Also another skit was performed where a man was shown distressed by the crimes happening daily. He was later assured that in spite of all the evil in the world, there are good things happening too. Our own boys from the school are visiting various orphanages and old age homes trying to bring a smile on the faces of the people living there. The program then ended with a beautiful hymn which was together sung by all the boys who participated in the prayer service. The boys had understood that:

Being humane is more important than being a human.     

  -By Husain Rehmanji 10thA 39


Farewell, Tr Swati

We bid farewell to our dear teacher Swati Dabre who served our school for 22 years She is a hardworking and a dedicated teacher who is ever willing to help anyone who approaches her.

On 1st August 20, 2018, a special intercom assembly, was organised by the students and teachers for Tr Swati. Later in the afternoon the staff expressed their love and wishes through a small program followed by lunch hosted by Tr Swati.

We wish Tr Swati the very best in her future endeavours.



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