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Maharashtra Day 2017

Maharashtra Day is celebrated to commemorate the formation of the state of Maharashtra after its division from Bombay State on May 1, 1960.

The celebrations started off with the hoisting of the National Flag by the Chief Guest, Mrs. Shailaja Mulay,  the reciting of the Pledge and Prayer.

A skit showcasing the various leaders of Maharashtra, their works, and messages and a  lezim display  highlighted the energy and enthusiasm of this beautiful State.

Mrs Mulay in her speech to the students encouraged the students to read and write at least 5 sentences in Hindi and Marathi and 15 sentences in English. She told the students that they were the future of Maharashtra and to be “Persons with a class to stand above the Mass”.

The Atharva Trust Dombilivi, Awards of Craft and Drawing competition at the State Level were also awarded to the winners.

The programme ended with a vote of thanks by our Vice Principal, Fr. Andrew Rodrigues s.j.

Talent Search

It was a herculean task for the Talent Search Team – comprising of Tr. Mary, Tr. Lorraine, Tr. Michelle and Tr. Lisa  to first of all short list the vocalists who were all indeed vying make it to the finals.

After sitting through and listening to our little talented singers, we finally cut down on 36 finalists.  There were also very talented little instrumentalists too.  The auditions were held on two different days for the vocalists and instrumentalists

Eventually the finals were held on the 7th of March 2017, where an extremely talented and experienced musician Mrs. Lenny Serrao was called in to give the final verdict.  She spoke to our little musicians and encouraged them to keep soaring higher and to make a notch in the field of music.  Kudos Stanislites remember you are Born for Greater Things.

- Tr. Mary, Tr. Lorraine, Tr. Michelle and Tr. Lisa


Online application for admissions to Std.1 to Std. 4

The online application portal for admissions to Std.1 to Std. 4 will open on the 15th April, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. and will close on the 30th April 2017 at 5:00 p.m. Please note that the mobile number used to Register will be used for all communication, status updates etc. in regard to your application for admission. You will need scanned copies (jpeg or pdf files only) of the following documents in order to complete the application form.

Kindly note: The School will contact the parents via SMS for the further process. Kindly DO NOT make enquiries at the school office.


  • Coloured Passport size photo of the child (45mm x 35 MM)
  • Family photo 3 X 2 inch

Proof of residence

  • Telephone bill / Electricity Bill / Passport / Election ID / Driving Licence / Water Bill / House (Property) Tax Receipt
  • Aadhaar card of father and mother
  • Proof of ID : Passport / Election ID / Driving License / Aadhaar Card

Certificates & Reports

  • Municipal Birth Certificate of the child
  • Baptism certificate of the child – in case of Christians only
  • Caste Certificate (in the Child’s name) – optional
  • Aadhaar Card of the child
  • Medical Certificate – compulsory in case of disability
  • Previous Term academic record.

Admission to

Date of Birth

Std. 1

Born on or before 31.05.2012

Std. 2 to Std. 4


To Apply

Click on the link:


Grandparents’ Day Celebration

It was a beautiful morning when the boys of Std. I celebrated Grandparents’ Day on 18th February,2017

The function began with a prayer dance followed by other special performances put up by the kids.  All the grandparents recalled their childhood days as they watched their little grandsons perform.

Our headmistress, Tr. Jennifer Pereira gave the vote of thanks. She also asked the grandparents to share their experiences of their time spent with their grandchildren.

The grandparents enjoyed a game of housie. Spot prizes were also given. They were served coffee, sandwiches and wafers. At the end of the programme the grandparents were given a small token in remembrance of the occasion.

Std I: Raynah Lemos, Lufthancia Miranda, Mary Almeida, Perpetual Fernandes


Story Telling Competition

A story telling competition was held on the 13th of February, at St. Mary’s High School Goregoan, for the 1st and 2nd standard students  Each student had to narrate a story within three minutes with expression and voice modulation.   Mark Savio D’mello and Mark de Melo both from standard 2nd took part in this competition.  The boys enthusiastically practiced and took part in this competition.  Mark Savio D’mello narrated the story ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ and Mark de Melo narrated the story ‘Heny Penny’ Mark Savio D’mello secured the 2nd place in this competition.   We are proud of both students since it is not easy to compete against so many schools.  We also congratulate them for giving it their best and doing

==Tr. Lisa Pereira


Primary Std 1 & 2 Fancy Dress Competition

A Fancy Dress Competition was held on 4th February, 2017 for the students of Std.1 & 2. Sixty-one students participated in it. The theme for the competition was ‘Once upon a time’ where the contestants’ dressed up as fairy tale characters and spoke a few words on the character they were dressed up as. The students spoke with confidence and were dressed up extremely well. However four students from Standard 1 and five students from Standard 2 were the winners. They were judged by Ms. Judy Athaide and Ms. Bernadette Cardoz, excellent people in the field of art, craft as well as creativity. All the participants were given a small gift for the courage and determination displayed.


Selected List: St. Peter’s K.G. Admission 2017-2018

Any One Parent must come for the submission of Original documents and to collect Fee Book on 04th February 2017, as per schedule below:

Venue : St. Stanislaus High School, Therapy Room, Ground Floor.

Form No. 1 to 85

08.30 am  to  09.30 am

Form No. 86 to 180

09.30 am  to  10.30 am

Form No. 181 to 335

10.30 am  to  11.30 am

Form No. 336 to 670

11.30 am  to  12.30 pm



  1. Original Birth Certificate.
  2. Original Caste Certificate of Child with Attested copy.
  3. Original Baptism Certificate (for Catholic/Christians).

Kindly note ` 300/- to be paid for the Admission Form on 04.02.2017.

Fees to be paid at The South Indian Bank, Near Mehboob Studio on or before

09th February 2017. Instructions are given in the fee book.


Both Parents of the child are required to attend a meeting with the Manager on Saturday, 18th February 2017 at 10 am in St. Peter’s K.G. Hall.

Selected Form No. as follows

STANHS-2017-2018-1000426-Jr KG-0002

STANHS-2017-2018-1001357-Jr KG-0111

STANHS-2017-2018-1001006-Jr KG-0003

STANHS-2017-2018-1001087-Jr KG-0113

STANHS-2017-2018-1000466-Jr KG-0004

STANHS-2017-2018-1001400-Jr KG-0118

STANHS-2017-2018-1001011-Jr KG-0005

STANHS-2017-2018-1001399-Jr KG-0121

STANHS-2017-2018-1000904-Jr KG-0007

STANHS-2017-2018-1000866-Jr KG-0127

STANHS-2017-2018-1001049-Jr KG-0012

STANHS-2017-2018-1001226-Jr KG-0131

STANHS-2017-2018-1001080-Jr KG-0015

STANHS-2017-2018-1001421-Jr KG-0133

STANHS-2017-2018-1001091-Jr KG-0020

STANHS-2017-2018-1001028-Jr KG-0136

STANHS-2017-2018-1001118-Jr KG-0022

STANHS-2017-2018-1001257-Jr KG-0139

STANHS-2017-2018-1001106-Jr KG-0023

STANHS-2017-2018-1001466-Jr KG-0143

STANHS-2017-2018-1000994-Jr KG-0030

STANHS-2017-2018-1001077-Jr KG-0145

STANHS-2017-2018-1001164-Jr KG-0037

STANHS-2017-2018-1001491-Jr KG-0146

STANHS-2017-2018-1000514-Jr KG-0040

STANHS-2017-2018-1001488-Jr KG-0147

STANHS-2017-2018-1001138-Jr KG-0046

STANHS-2017-2018-1001272-Jr KG-0150

STANHS-2017-2018-1001167-Jr KG-0047

STANHS-2017-2018-1001514-Jr KG-0151

STANHS-2017-2018-1001172-Jr KG-0051

STANHS-2017-2018-1001522-Jr KG-0154

STANHS-2017-2018-1000763-Jr KG-0055

STANHS-2017-2018-1001094-Jr KG-0155

STANHS-2017-2018-1001099-Jr KG-0058

STANHS-2017-2018-1001460-Jr KG-0156

STANHS-2017-2018-1000429-Jr KG-0060

STANHS-2017-2018-1001633-Jr KG-0158

STANHS-2017-2018-1001155-Jr KG-0062

STANHS-2017-2018-1000818-Jr KG-0159

STANHS-2017-2018-1000377-Jr KG-0065

STANHS-2017-2018-1001381-Jr KG-0163

STANHS-2017-2018-1001016-Jr KG-0068

STANHS-2017-2018-1001412-Jr KG-0165

STANHS-2017-2018-1001186-Jr KG-0073

STANHS-2017-2018-1001824-Jr KG-0170

STANHS-2017-2018-1001072-Jr KG-0075

STANHS-2017-2018-1001192-Jr KG-0173

STANHS-2017-2018-1001212-Jr KG-0079

STANHS-2017-2018-1001515-Jr KG-0175

STANHS-2017-2018-1001254-Jr KG-0084

STANHS-2017-2018-1000832-Jr KG-0178

STANHS-2017-2018-1001216-Jr KG-0085

STANHS-2017-2018-1001860-Jr KG-0184

STANHS-2017-2018-1000378-Jr KG-0087

STANHS-2017-2018-1001964-Jr KG-0197

STANHS-2017-2018-1001194-Jr KG-0089

STANHS-2017-2018-1000941-Jr KG-0199

STANHS-2017-2018-1001298-Jr KG-0092

STANHS-2017-2018-1001973-Jr KG-0201

STANHS-2017-2018-1001195-Jr KG-0100

STANHS-2017-2018-1000323-Jr KG-0203

STANHS-2017-2018-1001306-Jr KG-0101

STANHS-2017-2018-1000953-Jr KG-0205

STANHS-2017-2018-1001320-Jr KG-0102

STANHS-2017-2018-1001974-Jr KG-0221

STANHS-2017-2018-1001311-Jr KG-0106

STANHS-2017-2018-1001269-Jr KG-0232

STANHS-2017-2018-1001183-Jr KG-0110

STANHS-2017-2018-1002667-Jr KG-0233

STANHS-2017-2018-1002705-Jr KG-0235

STANHS-2017-2018-1005175-Jr KG-0463

STANHS-2017-2018-1001938-Jr KG-0237

STANHS-2017-2018-1005673-Jr KG-0476

STANHS-2017-2018-1002203-Jr KG-0238

STANHS-2017-2018-1005647-Jr KG-0483

STANHS-2017-2018-1002897-Jr KG-0239

STANHS-2017-2018-1001484-Jr KG-0486

STANHS-2017-2018-1003232-Jr KG-0247

STANHS-2017-2018-1011825-Jr KG-0491

STANHS-2017-2018-1001235-Jr KG-0253

STANHS-2017-2018-1001664-Jr KG-0514

STANHS-2017-2018-1002423-Jr KG-0263

STANHS-2017-2018-1019719-Jr KG-0515

STANHS-2017-2018-1003431-Jr KG-0268

STANHS-2017-2018-1001279-Jr KG-0516

STANHS-2017-2018-1003511-Jr KG-0277

STANHS-2017-2018-1000402-Jr KG-0565

STANHS-2017-2018-1003197-Jr KG-0293

STANHS-2017-2018-1027340-Jr KG-0566

STANHS-2017-2018-1001188-Jr KG-0296

STANHS-2017-2018-1001695-Jr KG-0567

STANHS-2017-2018-1003809-Jr KG-0300

STANHS-2017-2018-1001697-Jr KG-0569

STANHS-2017-2018-1001904-Jr KG-0320

STANHS-2017-2018-1001700-Jr KG-0575

STANHS-2017-2018-1003887-Jr KG-0322

STANHS-2017-2018-1001708-Jr KG-0577

STANHS-2017-2018-1003934-Jr KG-0325

STANHS-2017-2018-1001710-Jr KG-0580

STANHS-2017-2018-1001902-Jr KG-0328

STANHS-2017-2018-1001720-Jr KG-0581

STANHS-2017-2018-1001168-Jr KG-0333

STANHS-2017-2018-1001723-Jr KG-0587

STANHS-2017-2018-1001950-Jr KG-0336

STANHS-2017-2018-1001728-Jr KG-0591

STANHS-2017-2018-1003712-Jr KG-0338

STANHS-2017-2018-1001730-Jr KG-0600

STANHS-2017-2018-1001271-Jr KG-0349

STANHS-2017-2018-1001742-Jr KG-0608

STANHS-2017-2018-1004541-Jr KG-0375

STANHS-2017-2018-1001780-Jr KG-0617

STANHS-2017-2018-1003216-Jr KG-0380

STANHS-2017-2018-1027340-Jr KG-0620

STANHS-2017-2018-1001252-Jr KG-0382

STANHS-2017-2018-1027345-Jr KG-0623

STANHS-2017-2018-1003309-Jr KG-0383

STANHS-2017-2018-1027353-Jr KG-0625

STANHS-2017-2018-1002341-Jr KG-0409

STANHS-2017-2018-1027363-Jr KG-0626

STANHS-2017-2018-1004602-Jr KG-0412

STANHS-2017-2018-1027369-Jr KG-0629

STANHS-2017-2018-1005264-Jr KG-0415

STANHS-2017-2018-1027375-Jr KG-0635

STANHS-2017-2018-1001490-Jr KG-0421

STANHS-2017-2018-1027384-Jr KG-0641

STANHS-2017-2018-1002264-Jr KG-0423

STANHS-2017-2018-1027385-Jr KG-0645

STANHS-2017-2018-1005353-Jr KG-0424

STANHS-2017-2018-1027390-Jr KG-0648

STANHS-2017-2018-1005309-Jr KG-0428

STANHS-2017-2018-1027393-Jr KG-0650

STANHS-2017-2018-1005408-Jr KG-0433

STANHS-2017-2018-1027400-Jr KG-0651

STANHS-2017-2018-1001501-Jr KG-0438

STANHS-2017-2018-1027404-Jr KG-0657

STANHS-2017-2018-1005525-Jr KG-0454

STANHS-2017-2018-1027414-Jr KG-0659

STANHS-2017-2018-1001331-Jr KG-0455

STANHS-2017-2018-1027420-Jr KG-0666



Brainwave 2016

As we at St Stanislaus are committed to the all round development of our children, we promote not just academics and sports but many other extra - curricular activities as well.

One such activity to check the general knowledge of our boys of Standards 3 and 4 was Brainwave 2016-17, a Quiz held on 16th December, 2016 at 9.30 am in the School Hall. An elimination round was held earlier that month and four students (from each house) were selected to represent their respective houses to be quizzed in different fields such as Sports, Entertainment, Current affairs, Books and Academic subjects such as English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and many more.

The quiz comprised of five rounds.. namely, Kaun Banega Champion where each team was asked two multiple choice questions, an audio round identifying tunes of cellular companies and musical instruments. There was also a visual round identifying animated films and company logos. The most exciting was the rapid fire round and the last round 'Try your Luck' where the children were asked to burst balloons and answer the questions written on slips of paper that were in those balloons.

The Loyola House were the winners of Brainwave 2016-17.

All in all it was an entertaining and engaging morning that compelled even the audience present to put their thinking caps on a morning truly well spent!

Tr. Cordelia Lewis
Tr. Cursina Valles
Tr. Lalita Nirmal
Mr. Arnold Lobo


Inter School Poetry Recitation Competition 2017

Jadyn Defigueiredo of Std 4A participated in the Fr Agnel Inter School Poetry Recitation Competition held on 27th January 2017. Out of the 14 schools that competed

Jadyn secured the second place and was awarded a medal and certificate.


Primary Republic Day Celebrations 2017

To celebrate the 68th Republic Day the subject teachers and the boys of  the Primary Section put up a programme on 25th January, 2017 in the school hall.

The programme began with a speech and prayer service asking God to protect our nation and its people. This was followed by a Marathi patriotic song by the boys of Std III showing their love for our country. Some children dressed in Indian attire and shared information on many of our National symbols.

A few boys also performed  an action song ‘Nana Munna Rahi Hoo’ creating a patriotic atmosphere among the audience. This was followed by taking an oath on the importance of voting and encouraging the parents to  vote in the upcoming election.

The programme ended with  a vote of thanks by our Head Mistresses Tr. Jennifer and finally the singing of our National Anthem.



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