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Origamy Activity Primary

The boys of Stds.III & IV had an origami activity on 2nd August, 2019, where the activity brought forth the boys unique creation & imagination. The boys had to make a flower or a fish using at least five folds. The students came up with amazing ideas and presented it beautifully using an appropriate background. The boys were awarded merits and their work was displayed on the board outside the Treasurer’s Office.

‘In crafting there are no mistakes just unique creations.’

-Tr. Karen Martin

-Tr. Lufthancia Miranda


Clay Modelling Activity

The boys of Std 1 and 2 had a clay modelling activity which was held on 2nd August 2019 The theme for this year’s activity was ‘Sea Creatures’.  The students had to cover a mount board with blue paper and place various sea creatures, made out of clay on it.  The students displayed their creativity and the sea animals they made were truly a work of art.  They enjoyed making various sea creatures themselves as well as by watching their friends as it is rightly said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun”.


Teachers In-charge:

Tr. Mary Almeida, Tr. Lisa


Parents Day 2019

God couldn't be everywhere, so he made PARENTS. This year Parents' Day at St. Stanislaus was celebrated on 4th August in the School Auditorium. Some of our pretty moms and handsome dads participated enthusiastically in the Talent Show and displayed their varied talents through song, dance and a magic show. They had the staff and students spellbound and engaged. 

After the Talent Show the parents were served some refreshments. This was followed by a game of housie interspersed with a few spot prizes. The day ended with the distribution of momentos. The parents and staff alike left that day with beautiful memories of a morning well spent.

“When I fall down you give me a hand. When I cry, you wipe my tears and comfort me to be strong. Thank you for being with me always”.

The Teachers Incharge :

Ms. Lorna Bhantu

Ms. Cursina Valles

Ms. Perpetual Fernandes

Ms. Arnold Lobo.


Online Application for admissions to Std.1 to Std. 4

Welcome to the Online Application Portal for St. Stanislaus High School, Primary Section

The online application portal for admissions to Std.1 to Std. 4 will open on the 16th April, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. and will close on the 30th April 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Please note that the mobile number used to Register will be used for all communication, status updates etc. in regard to your application for admission. You will need scanned copies (jpeg or pdf files only) of the following documents in order to complete the application form.

Kindly note: The School will contact the parents via SMS for the further process. Kindly DO NOT make enquiries at the school office.

Documents for Child

  1. Municipal Birth Certificate (in English)
  2. Aadhaar card of Child
  3. Recent Passport size photo of the child (45mm X 35mm with Marron Background) Edited, scanned, cropped photos will not be allowed.
  4. Recent Family photo (3 inch x 2 inch with Maroon Background) Edited, scanned, cropped photos will not be allowed.
  5. Baptism certificate of the child – in case of Christians/Catholics only
  6. Caste Certificate (in the Child’s name) – if applicable
  7. Medical Certificate – compulsory in case of disability
  8. Adoption Deed – if applicable
  9. Any other relevant documents

Documents for Parents/Guardians

  1. Telephone bill / Electricity Bill / Passport / Election ID / Driving Licence / Water Bill / House (Property) Tax Receipt
  2. Aadhaar card of father / guardian
  3. Aadhaar card of mother / guardian
  4. Divorce Decree of related documents (if applicable)
  5. Death Certificate of Father / Mother (if applicable)
  6. All Qualification Certificate of both the Parents
  7. Proof of Alumni status for father
  8. School Calendar if Real brother is already studying in school
  9. Any other relevant documents

Admission to

Date of Birth

Std. 1

Born on or before 30.09.2013

Std. 2 to Std. 4



To Apply Click on the link:



Grandparents Day Celebration Primary Std I

“Grandparents are cherished members of our family. They bring gifts of wisdom,experience and love.”

 Grandparents’ Day was celebrated on the 23rd of February,2019 , by the boys and teachers of Class -1. Around 90 grandparents attended the celebration in the Arrupe Hall.

The programme began at 9:30a.m. with a prayer service and a prayer dance. After invoking God’s presence ,the students were ready to entertain the grandparents .The little ones welcomed the grandparents in song. The 6 year olds then kept the grandparents   feet tapping as they performed a mime beat on old popular English and Hindi songs. The boys then danced to songs depicting different regional styles ( Punjabi, Guajarati, Goan and Koli). Finally a group of boys sang a song specially dedicated to the grandparents.This was followed by a vote of thanks by a grandparent and Teacher Jennifer.

After the entertainment programme, the grandparents were served refreshments .They then enjoyed a game of housie and were given a few spot prizes too. The young hearts then danced to some songs and left happy with a take away

Teachers Incharge
Mrs. Lorna Bhantu | Mrs. Lufthancia Miranda | Mrs. Priscilla Fernandes | Mrs. Perpetual Pereira


Inter-class Quiz Std 1 and 2

An Inter – class Quiz for the boys of Std 1 and 2 was held on 9th  January 2019. The quiz began with the introduction of the contestants from each team.

The different rounds and their rules were displayed on the screen.  The rounds were conducted in an interactive way and the teams participated with great enthusiasm.  The questions put forth to the teams were intriguing and exciting.

Every round had a mixed bag with questions from sports, math, music, famous personalities and general knowledge. The competition   gave the teams a chance to rack their brains.  Everyone waited for the announcement of the final scores.  The Smart Alecs won the Quiz Competition followed by Brian Stormers in the 2nd place.  All participants and winners were awarded certificates.

Teachers in - charge were as follows
Tr. Mary | Tr. Lufthancia | Tr. Priscilla | Tr. Christine | Tr. Trupti


Brain Wave Quiz Competition 2018-19

An inter house quiz competition was held in school on the 15th of February 2019. Four boys (2 from the 3rd and 2 from the 4th) from each house: Britto, Loyola, Xavier and Kostka represented their respective houses in the final round. All the boys were given a chance through a quiz held in the classroom during the elimination round. All the students prepared well for the final round but the Kostka house boys emerged victorious. The Loyola house followed close at hand. The questions asked were taken from every field and at the level of each child. Students enjoyed themselves and were eager to answer and kept in mind the quote ‘Sometimes you win, Sometimes you learn.’

Trs in charge:      
Ms. Lorraine Fernandes | Mr. Arnold Lobo | Ms. Lalita Nirmal | Ms. Bindu Corriea | Ms. Raynah Lemos


Republic Day Celebration 2019 (Primary)

This year Republic Day was celebrated in the Primary Section on 25thJanuary 2019. The programme was organised  by the boys and teachers of Std IV.

After a short introduction about Republic Day, the programme began with a prayer service. The boys sang the hymn ‘This little light of mine’ as Tr. Jennifer Pereira, the headmistress of the primary section, along with four students dressed in their traditional outfits lit the Samai. This was followed by prayerful petitions made for our country. The prayer service ended with the singing of the hymn ‘Bind us Together Lord’.

The boys then danced to the patriotic song ‘ Three Colours’, the lyrics of which informed us about the significance of each of the colours on our national flag.

 The boys also performed a short skit which reminded us about some of the duties mentioned in the Constitution of India. The skit brought out the message that we must remember to do our duties towards our nation so that India progresses in the years to come.

After the skit some of the boys danced to a medley of patriotic songs with lots of enthusiasm.

Tr. Jennifer was then called upon to say a few words to the students of the primary section. She encouraged the boys to show their love for their motherland by doing their duties towards their country. She also thanked the boys and teachers for putting up the programme.

The programme  ended with all the boys singing  the National Anthem with pride and respect.

Master Arnold Lobo | Tr. Cordelia Lewis | Tr. Lorraine Fernandes | Tr. Priya Divecha



Rest in Peace Lt. General Francis Dias

Eminent Ex-student (1948 batch) Lt  General Francis Dias passed away on Republic Day This was an important day for him because he was conferred three very important awards on this day in the past by the President of India - the Param Vishist Seva Medal (PVSM), the Ati Vishisht Seva medal (AVSM), which he was awarded for distinguished service in counter-insurgency, and the Vir Chakra. He also fought in the 1965 and 1971 Wars. During Operation Cactus Lily, in the erstwhile East Pakistan, he led his battalion to capture Bogra Town on December 14, 1971. This was a strategic victory for the Indian Army and two days later Pakistan surrendered in East Pakistan, and Bangladesh was born. For this he was awarded the Vir Chakra. His Citation said:

"Lieutenant Colonel Francis Tiburtius Dias was commanding a battalion of 11th Gorkha Rifles during the operations against Pakistan in the Eastern Sector. On 12 December 1971, he was ordered to capture a well prepared position held by an enemy infantry battalion. Again, on 13 December, the battalion was assigned the task of capturing two bridges held by the enemy in strength. And finally on 14 December 1971 the battalion was assigned the task of capturing a portion of Bogra Town. Under his leadership, the battalion carried out all the tasks successfully, inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. After contacting the enemy defences at Mahasthana, he infiltrated between the enemy's forward defended localities, raided the enemy battalion headquarters, and captured the officer commanding along with other officers. He also thwarted enemy efforts to blow up bridges. It was due to him that the battalion contributed to a great extent in clearing Bogra Town and taking a large number of prisoners. Throughout this operation, Lieutenant Colonel Dias displayed gallantry, professional skill and leadership of a high order."

He retired in 1992 and his last posting was Chief of Staff, Southern Command. He leaves behind his wife, Selda, and his two daughters, Sharon and Fiona and their families.

The funeral of Lt Gen Francis Dias was held on Tuesday, January 29 2019. Viewing of the Body: 3:30 pm Funeral Service: 4:00 pm St Anne's Church Nargis Dutt Road Pali Hill Bandra West Mumbai 400050 Burial Service 5:15 pm Mt Carmel Church 81A Chapel Road Bandra West Mumbai 400050

No flowers please.

Instead please donate the money for a charity of your choice

A Stanislite Christmas

Our Christmas celebrations in school aren’t complete without a Christmas programme in our school auditorium. All the 160+ children of std. 2 enthusiastically took part in the performance for our primary section. After reciting a few petitions for the prayer service, they kept up the prayerful atmosphere with a prayer dance. Then in a short skit, our wise grandma explained to her little ones what the true meaning of Christmas was, and she used a lovely tableau of our Lord’s birth to do the same.

This was followed by a recitation of a Christmas poem by our little orators and some carol singing by our choir to put everyone in the festive mood.

Our finale had a Maharashtrian twist and our Gandhi-topi, kurta-pyjama wearing dancers invited the entire cast on stage to dance to their tunes (including the teachers!).

We then had a visit from our own Stanislite Santa, who was greeted with much excitement from the kids. Indeed, a fun-filled December morning to begin the Christmas season.



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